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The 50 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Today our guest is Scott Worden from Monterey Park, California. Currently, he lives in Soul, South Korea and beside his teaching job he enjoys writing travel books. We have conducted an interview with him about his book "The 50 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles".

What or who inspired you to write "The 50 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles"?
I really enjoy traveling and I noticed that there weren't many Amazon ebooks about the city I was born and raised in (Los Angeles) so I thought I would write about the awesome things travelers could experience while they go there.

What are your main aims and motivations in writing travel books and publications?
My main aim is for people to get a great book at a low cost. I'm not trying to trick people into buying junk for me to make money. I truly write about my travel experiences because I enjoy what I do and I want people to get as much as they can from my books.

Which are top 3 books which you personally like most from the other 7 books which you have written?
I personally like "The 50 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles" because I really took my time with it, got it edited well, and have a lot of information that most people can use. My second favorite is "100 Travel Tips For Seoul". Not only does the reader get to find my tips for places to sightsee, but they also get valuable cultural tips about Korea at the end of the book. My third favorite book is "333 Idioms + Phrases: For Business Including 3 Examples For Each". Maybe we could have shortened the title a bit better but my co-author Liam Lusk and I carefully chose idioms that people use in everyday life.

How different is writing for materials for young children?
Writing materials for young children is hard. There's a lot of competition out there. If you do get noticed, you can become successful. But you really have to market yourself well, be creative, and write books that haven't been done before. It's a daunting task, but worth it if you're up for the challenge.

Why are you debating about writing about South Korea? What would be the probable challenges in comparison with writing about LA?
I've already written a book about where to travel to in Seoul. I was considering writing a book about the great, surprising, and bad experiences while living in Korea. It has been done before, so if I do plan on writing that kind of book, I'll need to be creative with it.

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