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Zero Adversity

Michael J. Russ is an international bestselling author of Zero Adversity, a speaker, musician, and the founder of Zero Adversity Coaching. He lives in Panama City Beach, Florida, USA. We have conducted with him an interview about the Zero Adversity method, which he developed to help himself and others you process unfortunate and challenging life events in a positive way.

As the International bestselling author for Zero Adversity:3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Creating an Authentic Life, what life challenges do you feel most people face today?
I see people reacting to all kinds of adverse events in their lives, big and small. The unsuccessful way they respond to these challenging and unfortunate events is what is preventing them from experiencing the balance, freedom, success and prosperity they want most. Adversity can be generated by digital devices, family, co-workers, friends, and outside circumstances. It can be personal and impersonal. Recognizing that not every event requires an investment of your time, enery, and attitude is what I seek to help people understand.

When did you first begin to help yourself and others to process unfortunate and challenging life events in a positive way?
My story is about creating methods I could use to prevent various forms of adversity from inhibiting my forward progress towards my life’s work: to help people live the life they dream about. I worked in a high presser business that only paid on commission, had no paid sick leave and zero paid vacation. It is not something that could happen today, however, 31 years ago, it was something that could. Being dependent upon my own efforts was a bit scary at first and caused me tremendous distress. In order to confront the distress head on, I did some deep self-assessment to determine exactly what was causing my situation.

It turns out, I was operating under a thought virus my mother gave me a few years earlier after dropping out of college---that I would never succeed without a college degree. What made matters worse was my inner conversation (self-talk) was reinforcing the virus. Something that happens to all of us.

Once I realized what was happening, I mobilized by focus and efforts towards changing my self-talk to a dialogue that fully supported the success I envisioned for myself. The books I write document the methods and processes I have been using in a way that others can adapt them to help them succeed as well.

Who is Zero Adversity Coaching for?
Zero Adversity Coaching is what I developed to help people use my methods and processes to succeed and transform their lives in a one-on-one or group setting. If someone would like assistance with using my techniques to help them overcome an adversity, shift their inner conversation, or remove invisible obstacles that hold them back from achieving their dreams, I make myself available via skype to provide that assistance.

My methods are conveyed in language everyone can understand and apply. Sometimes there are situations where you might need a helping hand to implement them more effectively.

Why do you think "Zero Adversity method" is useful?
Adverse events, unfortunate and challenging circumstances, occur throughout the day in every area of your life. These events can invoke negative feelings and emotions that interrupt happiness, being productive, experiencing intimacy, and more.

The Zero Adversity method helps you see and respond to adverse events in a way that allows you to let go of them more easily—minimizing their disruption of your life. The method is simple to understand, practical, and immediately impactful. This method gives you an active way of removing obstacles, visible and invisible, that stand in the way of your goals and dreams, without changing anything other than remaining aware of your ability to use the method.

When you apply this method, you know how to respond to events with confidence, power, and control.

How are you able to ignite people's ability to create the life change they desire?
Great question! First, I do not do anything. Understanding what you can and cannot control in your life is one of the foundational principles of the Zero Adversity method. I plant seeds of awareness people can ignite to create unimaginable shifts in their lives. In my audio books, paperback, eBooks, and live presentations, I use my own experiences to exemplify how Zero Adversity works. I am a living example of the wisdom I convey. I use every method every single day to experience a life of balance, harmony, and prosperity on the path to my goals and dreams. Anyone can experience the same if they have the desire.

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