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A second chance life lessons turned into living dreams

Edison A. Jaquez is an author, mentor & motivational speaker. He lives in Perth Amboy New Jersey. We have conducted an interview with him about his passion for helping others & being an influential person to his community as well as being an author.

How long did you take to write your book, "A second chance life lessons turned into living dreams"?
It took me about a year in a half to write the book.

At any point in your childhood, did you ever “let your Past Determine your Future”?
Yes there was times where I didn't believe in myself and made poor choices in life.

What was your fight against the neighborhood story which become a testimony?
To break the negative cycle and strive for greatness. Chase my dreams and become a positive role model & give back to my community.

How did that become a tool to motivate and inspire the youth?
When I was able to accomplish my goals and believe in myself I was able to use that as a tool to inspire the youth and lead by example.

What are your current activities involving youth?
Being the Ceo/founder of B-Men gives me access to those youth that may not be on the right track and my team & I can help them with goals etc. some activities can be resume, mock interviews etc.

Where can we find your book?
You can find my book on my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and on Amazon.

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