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Different from the Other Kids

Today our guest is Angela Tsounis, author of the book series Different from the Other Kids. Her daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at seventeen but had bouts of pervasive anxiety throughout her childhood. In the second book of the series, she takes the reader through a series of interviews with people who take a different approach to dealing with mental illness. Different from the Other Kids: Natural Alternatives Edition has a positive and uplifting message - we can do better! We have conducted an interview with Angela.

Who inspired you to write this book series called “Different from the Other Kids”?
The question isn’t so much who but why. I was a parent who was struggling with a child released from the psych ward of a hospital. There was no information or resources readily available to me in a challenging parenting situation. The Different from the Other Kids trilogy is an opportunity to share information with, and support other parents as they go through this challenge with their children.

What dimensions could you add to the lives of children who are dealing with mental illness?
It’s hard for people to understand the issues of raising a child who is more challenging than most. As a parent of one of these children, you sometimes look like the accomplice to a badly-mannered, poorly-behaved child, when in reality they are dealing with the unique pain of having an illness that no one can see. The aim of DFTOK is more about the lives of the entire family. The lives of children will be enhanced when parents are more fully supported.

How did you get to the many types of professionals and parents? What is in your second book?
Some of the professionals I have interviewed either worked with my daughter or other families that I have spoken to. Other professionals have been sought out after families or individuals have told me about them. This second book it Is all about introducing the world of natural alternatives for those that struggle with mental health issues in hope that they might be able to lessen the pharmaceutical dependence they are experiencing and enhance the quality of their life.

What is your key message in the Natural Alternative Edition?
The Natural Alternatives Edition Is all about enhancing the lives of those that struggle with mental health by natural means. Anything that can help someone who struggles to live a better life along side of or without pharmaceuticals is something worth exploring. This book is just over a year worth of study of natural alternatives that my own daughter have tried, hoping to enhance the quality of her life. We never dreamed she would be able to take herself off all her medication. We wanted to share in the hope that someone’s life maybe enhanced by some of the modalities we explore in this book.

What are your up-and-coming book launch activities? What are the other ways to get in touch with you?
Our book launch is from 3 - eight at the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre. We are having an open house, a book signing, lots of door prizes, and food made by naturopathic doctor and holistic nutritionist. The open house format allows us to have many different kinds of practitioners available to answer everyone’s questions.

There are currently 54 interviews on iTunes and FM.Player for free. Just type in different from the other kids on either player and you will have access. Our website, has a lot of information there, and you can email us at with questions. Thanks for the interview – and I hope you get to check out my book.

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