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Dynasty Mindset

Our guest today is Steve Wilson, the co-author of the E-Book Dynasty Mindset. Dynasty Mindset is about creating a way of thinking by using blue prints from different Dynasties to obtain Wealth, Championships, Awards. We have conducted an interview with Steve.

Why is exploring the different levels of becoming a Dynasty relevant in today's context?
Because of the dynasties that wrote about in the book Dynasty Mindset are relevant today. Most of them will go down as the most successfully dynasties on the history of mankind. I wanted people who read this book to compare their situation and understand that the Googles, Apples, The Tylers Perry of the worlds started somewhere. By using those Entities I wanted to make the reader to understand Dynasty Mindset is Achievable but it is going take hard & dedicated work. Also These Brands are always moving forward with new ideas, research, products.

Which of the levels are highlighted in your book, Dynasty Mindset?
Not to give it all of way, I would say> Vision, Sacrifice, Leadership, Determination.

Where did you obtain your inspirations to write about this way of thinking using blue prints from different Dynasties?
I am always writing ideas down, writing new stuff. After I wrote Liquid Ether Physics, There is a chapter in there that talks about fearless Mindset. Now I just kept seeing these people or brands on television or hearing them on radio ads. Light bulb went off one day, Who better to write about fearless brands than the ones in the book. Also I felt like I needed to add more value to people lives other than Liquid Ether Physics.

Who would you recommend this book to?
I would start off with an audio version from the ages of 5-13. Now I would recommend the reading the book it self from the ages 14-65. Regardless at that age learning is Universal. You are able to understand the contexts a little better, there is always room for improvement, people need a better way of thinking.

Do you plan to write a book 2?
Who knows, I might wake up one day and say hey I got more ideas for Dynasty Mindset, there might need to be a revised version or part 2. Then I might write another book that is a spinoff from Dynasty Mindset. Also demand could change and my fans might need a part 2. We will see how the future holds. I want to take the time out and say Thank You for giving me this interview.

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