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Eugene Edwards is an avid sports fan looking to raise awareness and get people to play with him on FireFan. FireFan is a new upcoming free social interactive sports game that allows players to follow their favorite teams live and compete with other fans in real time. We have conducted an interview with Eugene.

Who is 'FireFan', the new free social interactive sports game for?
FireFan is a new upcoming live social interactive sports app (first of it's kind). The game is for all sports fans globally, hardcore or casual, new or lifelong, male or female. The game launches globally with NFL and MLS but eventually all sports will be added, including soccer, cricket, and rugby.

After players follow their favourite teams live, what other functions/features can they enjoy?
After players follow their team(s) during live contests, they can still be involved with fans globally thru the chat forums. They can review their rankings as well as others. Set up new game rooms for future live game contest, etc.

Which feature is best for current and former athletes and celebrities?
The realtime social chat feature during games is the best feature for athletes to use to talk to fans or opposing fans. Nothing like "smack" talk.

How does the 'correct play predictions' work?
Players make short-term predictions as each play unfolds during the game to score pts, move up in the rankings and win the contest. The most unlikely outcomes are worth the most points; “safe” answers are worth significantly fewer. Each contest lasts one game and the player who gets the most pts wins. For example, answers to a question regarding the outcome of the opening kickoff might include "running it back for a TD", "tackled within the 20-yard line", etc. The touchdown option in this example would be worth the most pts due to KO returns for TDs being so rare. Alternatively, you could go with option of “tackled within the 20-yard line” for a safer but lower-paying prediction. Game info is relayed in real-time via game updates and is displayed inside the app so you can follow the game and monitor your progress.

How does 'FireFan' gives players an opportunity to prove themselves?
Sports fans all over the world think that they know more than the next fan about their team/sport and how the game will unfold. They also think that they know just as much as the coaches calling the plays. FireFan gives fans the opportunity to prove this knowledge by making realtime predictions about each play.

FireFan Promo from FireFan on Vimeo.

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