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Interview with actor Gaston D'Agrivieri

Gaston D'Agrivieri is an Argentine actor living in Los Angeles. We have conducted an interview with him about his career and his new short film called "Disrupt"

What is your role in the short film, 'Disrupt'?
In this project, I play the role of Brendan Barvera, he is a part-time web developer, turn into hacker/political activist. A person that is tired of the same algorithm that media and society tries to brainwash people with. He is the kind of people that had enough and want to see something change in the world for the better.

Do you feel that you are much like the character that you played?
I do in some parts; I personally wouldn’t be able to get myself so involved in this type of political webs of mystery and manipulation. In terms of some behavior and authenticity, I have pulled inspiration from people that are amazing at coding and creating functionality that its beyond dynamic. They function at a different level, their minds and motives don’t follow the typical pattern and they tend to write code out of expression and inspiration. There’s gotta a powerful source of inspiration that ignites them to act upon something. I have taken the inspiration of their passion behind why coding and creating certain tools to expose people, in this case politicians.

How do you describe yourself as an actor in a single paragraph?
Always tricky to answer this, but I guess I define myself, as a charming up-andcoming actor, that has an affinity for humor that pours out of me expressions, most of the time based on some kind of sense of truth. I also love passionately to play edgy dramatic roles, when I smile I light up, but when I am serious, there is something really powerful in the way I deliver the lines, I try to pull some sense of truth from my own experiences, sometimes tapping into thoughts that are dear to me. I always strive for something that I can watch, that as an expectator, I could relate or feel some kind of connection, that to me its what makes want to come back for scenes with that actor.

What do you love most about the acting profession?
Collaborating with people, creating new stories from moments in my life where I can relate to the character. The act of memorizing lines and then; feeling that adrenaline when you get to be on camera. I am not gonna lie, when you hear people laugh or look at you on the screen and they see a gesture or something, the reaction from audience its priceless, there is no greater pay than making someone’s day feel a little better based on something you did on the screen, it’s a powerful tool of synergy.

Do you ever get starstruck? Which is your dream role?
I live in Los Angeles, you see actors all the time, even when I go to the gym, I recently was working out and when I turn around I saw Milles Teller from Whiplash, I was like confused because the night before I saw him on a youtube clip from Stephen Colbert. I think the day I meet Al Pacino, would be the day my inner fan will come out and I won’t be able to handle it, because he means so much to me as a source of learning and inspiration.

I guess my dream role it’s to play the mafia boss, the Son of Pacino, but also to play a character that cares, someone that really cares, there is a lot of love and compassion in that scenario of mafia like characters. I like the contrast, the moments of fun, but I also like that edge they have when they mean business, and how to take care of certain business. Live the life like Sinatra and execute like Al Capone, that type of character, based on something real but with enough room for entertainment by using power.

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