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Interview with actress and model Hannah Kat Jones

Hannah Kat Jones first caught the world’s attention as a sublime beauty on America’s Next Top model, where her talent and presence secured her the runner-up title. Since then Hannah Kat Jones has taken the fashion world by storm, appearing in British VOGUE, People Magazine and featuring on multiple magazine covers. She loves collaborating with artists of all kind to incorporate fashion and film eliminates. We have conducted an interview with her about her latest projects.

What are your strengths and talents?
My talents include creative writing, comedy and character acting - I’m a chameleon with many colors! Additionally, I enjoy learning about fitness and nutrition as well as motivating others to feel great about themselves. I find that a daily practice of positive thinking, living in gratitude and making conscience health choices are key components for sustaining physical and mental energy. Since this combination has been extremely useful to my career as an actor and model, I want to incorporate this mentality into what I create.

How do you intend to inspire the world in new and exciting ways?
I love creating and collaborating through multiple forms of media to share inspiration with others. The biggest compliment I can get is being called a muse, because I find inspiration to be magical. This is what personally motivates me, far beyond any material gain. Continuously, I love finding new ways of creating in all aspects of art. I want my work to bring light and expose the beneficial joys that come from teamwork and balanced nutrition for the body, mind and soul.

It’s beautiful when we can recognize the muse in each of us. Ultimately, my goal is to influence as many people as possible to believe in themselves. I want to help others see how they can be a source of inspirational energy, especially when we join forces. In upcoming projects, I am focusing on empowering others to progress in their own unique and creative abilities.

What kind of charities are you involved and helping out with? Why did you choose them?
Each opportunity I have been involved with has come through chance encounters with the best kind of people. They are creative team players who passionately serve to save lives in some way or another.

My latest project is fueled by Joshua Dawson also known as the Experience Genie and author of the Tiny Book of Magic. As a blue genie, Joshua surprises cancer fighters and their families with once in a life time experiences. Because of the positive difference this makes in the lives he grants wishes for, Joshua’s adventures are being produced into a television series.

This November, Joshua, his team, and I surprised cancer fighter Rosa Lee and her family during a Kings game to announce which wishes we could help come true. Because of my background in fashion (I was second runner-up on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16, and since then have been modeling professionally), Joshua asked if I could help Rosa Lee’s daughter, Deanna, with her dream of becoming a model.

(Top photo - At the Staples Center with retired pro-hockey player and President of Operations for LA KINGS Luc Robitaille, his wife Stacey Toten, Hannah, Joshua Dawson and Ingrid Thornhill, and pro-skaters Wes Kremer & Matt Miller Bottom Left - Hannah with Joshua Dawson and Ingrid Thornhill Bottom Right - Hannah surprising Deanna Lee)

I want to give Deanna a true Top Model experience, so I reached out to some of my colleagues in the fashion industry. The immediate support and enthusiastic response from producers of Style Fashion Week in New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs got me beyond excited to be a part of this wish.

Not only will Deanna get a mini-makeover and the opportunity to walk the runway in 2017, but we are also setting her up with an editorial fashion spread in Luca Magazine, which will be sold nationwide. She will be modeling for one of LA’s most extraordinary photographers, GraphicsMetropolis, and styled by creative director, Jennifer O’Bannon.

I am always open to hearing about concepts for potential collaborations. When I meet an artist that understands the gifts we can share, the outcome of our combined imaginations can be extraordinary.

(Credit: Photographer IRVIN RIVERA @graphicsmetropolis Photo Asst PHILL LIMPRASERTWONG @phillldotcom Muse HANNAH JONES @hannahkatjones Makeup ALLISON NOELLE @allisonnoellemakeup Hair NICOLE BELLOWS @hairchameleon Styling VINCE BAGUIO @vince_baguio #obscuraemagazine #graphicsmetropolis #hannahjones )

Another current collaboration involves the British contemporary artist Zoobs. During his “Insanity Fair” pre-show on November 29th I participated as a live, interactive installation for guests and art-buyers to observe. Mix-media and printed portraits of celebrities splashed with color adorned the walls as poetry from Rumi layered over Brahm’s Third Symphony filled the space.

What are some of your working experiences that you would like to highlight?
In December I am very excited to be on set for a feature film called "Flock of Four" directed by Greg Caruso. The story goes back to the late 1950’s to a young group of musicians venturing to witness their favorite Jazz heroes’ last performance.

Additionally, I am looking forward to the release of projects currently in post production including films titled “Public Disturbance” and “Margaux in America”. In other exciting news, my first acting role as Carrie on The Disney Channel Show “Austin & Ally” will be available on Hulu soon. Additionally, as the revival of America’s Next Top Model premiers, hopefully it will bring further opportunities for the show’s alumni.

One thing is for sure, it would be great to catch up with Tyra Banks again since she helped start my career nearly six years ago.

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