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Interview with author Autumn Warren

Our guest today is Autumn Warren. She is an author who writes Sci-Fi fantasy books living in the US. We have conducted an interview with her about her first two published books, Hell Above Me and Anastasis.

What led you to write your first book, Hell Above Me?
The first book started rattling around in my head about a decade before I started writing it. It was like an itch that I had to scratch. I just had to get it out.

Which genre do you like to write most and why?
Growing up I read a lot of Sci-Fi and that's what I mainly write now. Though I've recently done a few short stories that are Action and Adventure and Mystery. Reading Sci-Fi was always an escape for me and I want to pass that on. I want to create friends for the lonely and homes for the homeless. I want to create worlds that people can escape to.

What has been the key theme in your novels, Hell Above me and Anastasis?
Across the entire series the main theme is family. Family is so important and they should have your back through everything. That's the main theme.

How did you craft the characters for the series?
Most of the characters are different aspects of myself or people that shaped my life in some way. The villains are the opposite. They're everything I dislike about people. They're embodiment of corruption, deceit, and evil.

Who and which places inspire you the most when writing?
I'm usually staring up the night sky imagining what could be up there. The unknown of it all and the magnitude of that unknown is what inspires me. As for who, my father's unwavering faith in me gave me the courage to keep writing through all the crap. And I've written a lot of crap, but if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have kept going.

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