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Interview with author Ike Lemuwa

Our guest today is Ike Lemuwa Author/Angel Investor/Crowdfunding Expert/Master Hypnotic Mass Media Campaign. We have conducted an interview with him.

How important is it to review the crowdfunding materials with a professional within that niche community to make sure it meets all of the Business Community?
80% of people who launch Crowdfunding campaign without first reviewing their materials with an expert either do not meet their goal or the campaign simply stalls and goes nowhere.

Three (3) Teams are crucial

#1 Crowdfunding Consultants helps you identify the right niche market and help you build your own community of advocates and supporters because you will need these supporters for your campaign to succeed.

#2 Crowdfunding Coach, coaches you , the strategies that work and guides you from start to finish.

#3: Crowdfunding Launch Manager, help you plan, and launch each phase of the Crowdfunding Campaign.

Each of the above team help you plan, design, develop, test your campaign, re-tweak your campaign and either advise you to cancel your launch because you are not ready or help you start all over in the right directions.

It is always better to want to raise $10,000 and hit a target of $50,000, than want to raise $50,000 and hit $10,000, that is a failed campaign!!

What is your most rewarding experience as a crowdfunding expert?
One of the most rewarding experience is taking a simple or rather what someone may consider to be a stupid idea and run with it to raise stupid money within a couple of days.

I was once contacted by a Lawyer who thinks his client has a chance to win a case but do not have money to hire this lawyer. I told the attorney that we can try, as long as his client is willing and able to tell their story to their community and allow the community to decide. We created a blog site, social media group, a twitter account and a Youtube video, The videos were poor, but what did it, was our press release campaign. We launched 30 days test campaign, Before actually launching the real campaign. We build a community of followers, and offered eBooks, Free Services to supporters, when followers read the articles, press releases, watched the videos about the case, they were willing and able to support... and we raise the funds in 5 days. The Key question is how compelling is your story and are you telling your story to the right audience or at the wrong audience.

Which kind of mass media campaign have you done?
198Crowdfunding Marietplace, USA provide
198TILG Local Media Support Team
198Press Release Support Team
198Article Marketing Support Team
198TILG Facebook Groups Support Team
198TILG Blog Comments Support Team
198TILG News Briefs Support Team
198TIILG Viral Video Support Team
198TILG Linkedin Groups Support Team
198TILG Social Media Support Team

Though our networks in over 198 to 200 nations we help clients launch Free 30 days trial mass media campaign to test their ideas and concepts in order to see if they actually have a campaign waiting to be launched.

We launch the campaign to see how receptive the communities are to their ideas and products.
The great news about Media Campaign is, if the people do not like your campaign they will be brutally honest and tell you to fuck-off and it is better to know earlier than to invest your time and money to launch a campaign that will go no where.

Just be honest to yourself, do you have something of value that will benefit your community or your potential audience, if yes, you will find help in the Crowdfunding Campaign Universe.

What qualities or KPI in businesses do you look out for as an angel investor?
Rare and Uncommon Ideas and Products. We simply approach individuals, students, CEOs or companies we think have great products or services but are not reaching the right market place..

We invest our time and money to Re-Brand the CEO, the Product, and Services before we present it to the masses. We are open to NewAge Ideas, Disruptive Ideas and Concepts, NanoTechnology Products and Ideas. Social Media Commerce, and the development of Apps, Films and Documentary that change lives.

What do you consider as difficult cultures for team building? How do you overcome the issues?
Attempting to build a team with, Villagers and Diverse religious groups, where there are rare and uncommon believe system. We start building team 2 year in advance of us taking on the project. If at the first year we think it is difficult for us to make an in-road, we simply move on.

Why try to help people or even work with people who do not share the same believe system as you. Or work with people who do not care about you, but want you dead even if you are their to help them. The best is recruit their own people and plant our concepts and ideas to become theirs and have them spread our messages on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis for at least 24 months before we launch our presences in the community. 198TILG CEO Networks, USA/Ike Lemuwa is currently in over 198 to 200 nations around the world.

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