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Interview with Danny Loschiavo the cofounder of BoldLeads

As the co­founder of BoldLeads, Danny Loschiavo has continued to leverage his expertise in web design along with his thorough understanding of the real estate industry to achieve his company’s goal of assisting agents efficiently generate new leads. At just 26 years of age, Loschiavo already has extensive entrepreneurial experience and has utilized a highly focused approach to identify the specific areas within the real estate industry most in need of a progressive methodology. In doing so, Loschiavo immediately took advantage of the potential benefit inherent in developing a lead­ generation system designed to assist agents in creating a consistent and sustainable pipeline of clients.  
A graduate of Arizona State University, Loschiavo’s first entrepreneurial endeavor was AgentZest, which served as the precursor to BoldLeads and was developed with the goal of generating new leads for local real estate agents. Through a combination of a detail­ oriented approach to research and his practical experience generating leads, Loschiavo was able to successfully enhance the effectiveness of his initial concept through the use of an intuitive CRM along with a fully automated follow­up system and all­ encompassing training programs. Through the implementation of these extensive and highly effective updates, what originally began as AgentZest has since become BoldLeads.

What is your key role in ''BoldLeads'' and "AgentZest''?
As founder of AgentZest and co-founder of BoldLeads, I took on an all-encompassing role in order to ensure each company would operate in accordance with a specific set of goals that included a clearly client-centered focus. Although I was involved with all aspects of operations for both companies, my principal focus revolved around a set of responsibilities best suited to my specific expertise in digital marketing and web design.

What truly inspired you to develop this lead generation system for real estate agents?
After discussing some of the most common issues plaguing real estate professionals, my co-founder and I discussed some potential solutions to reduce the amount of time and energy agents spent on generating buyer and seller leads, especially the leads that had little or no chance of ever being converted into commissions. We realized that this was an area in which there was a great deal of room for improvement, so we were immediately inspired to begin working on the system that eventually became BoldLeads.

What do you think an intuitive CRM should possess?
An intuitive CRM should be built around the goal of fostering deep and meaningful relationships with potential clients, but it must also be simple to use, easily adaptable, and readily integrated with any other existing programs. If a CRM possesses those qualities, then it is far more likely to generate positive results that benefit the user.

Where did you obtain your web design skills?
I was fortunate to have access to wonderful teachers and professors throughout high school and college, but I have always found the subject of web design to be absolutely fascinating and further sharpened my existing skills or acquired new skills as a result of my profound interest in all aspects of web design.

What is your vision? How does your experiences and background help you reach your goals?
My vision for BoldLeads is simple: It is our goal to provide a system that generates high-quality buyer and seller leads in the most efficient and effective way possible. This outcome benefits the real estate agents utilizing our system and makes it possible for those agents to provide a much more personalized customer service experience for their clients.

My professional background and experience has helped BoldLeads achieve its goals in any number of ways, as my previous marketing work with real estate agents provided uncommon insight into the inner workings of the industry and made it possible for me to create a system specifically designed to address the inefficiency of traditional lead generation strategies.

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