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Interview with filmmaker Joshy Lee

Our guest today is Joshy Lee, an independent filmmaker living in London, born in Gloucester, UK. He directs short films and music videos. His last music video for the Four Dead Crows called "Destitute Blues" Won Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Festival(LAFA16) in August. He has recently been offered the opportunity to write and direct his own horror thriller "BLOODHOUND". We have conducted an interview with him.

Which do your consider are your best 3 thrilling films ever produced?
My current favourite films have to be 'Se7en', 'Sicario' & 'I Saw the Devil'. My list is constantly changing, as they normally reflect on the kind of film I'm working on next.

What talents/strengths do you think it takes to be a visually driven experimental artist?
Being experimental I think is best described in the words of David Fincher, "It's not what do you do, it's what don't you do", you can show the audience anything within your films timeframe, so surprise them! I also really enjoy telling the story through visuals, expressing emotion through exaggerated lighting and relatable angles.

Why did you title your horror thriller featured film, 'Bloodhound'? What is it about?
I unfortunately can't say too much about 'Bloodhound' in these early stages, but I can guarantee you a beautifully devastating horror thriller story that will have you squirming in your seat!

What kind of location, places or situations inspire you the most?
It all depends, inspiration can come from anywhere, and again I feel it depends on the project. Sometimes I don't need to go to a place, most of the time I use music to put me in the right mindset and has hugely inspired a lot of my work.

If you can have it your way, which 3 directors, producers and/or actors/actresses would you want to work with?
There are only two that spring to mind, David Fincher and Nicolas Winding Refn. They are two of the top visual directors working today, they are incredible. I'd love to be able to see them work, it would be the greatest master class I could think of.

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