Interview with Jessica Armitage

Today our guest is Jessica Armitage the Founder of Advanced Conscious Meditation Group Yoga. We have conducted an interview with her.

How useful and beneficial are Yoga tours?
Yoga tours are indeed useful and beneficial for any number of reasons, but they are also life-changing experiences that make it possible for practitioners to relax and rejuvenate on a whole other level. At ACM Group, we consistently advocate the many benefits associated with yoga tours, particularly with regard to consciousness expansion and the fostering of a deeper sense of overall contentment. Of course, it is worth noting that yoga tours are also a great deal of fun and provide unique travel experiences to places many people may not have otherwise visited.

Which kind of Advanced Conscious Meditation is the most sought after?
We advise clients that the best kind of meditative practice is the one that suits them best. It all depends on what the client is trying to achieve through meditation, as some utilize meditative practices for improved physical health while others are after improved spiritual health. There are countless other reasons and just as many meditative practices, but almost all focus on breathing as a sort of anchor.

What is the difference between standard conscious meditation and the advanced conscious meditation?
Through many years of meditative practice, it becomes possible for the meditator to realize they are simply a vessel for heart-based consciousness. This state of being allows the meditator to see the world as it truly is, and it is for this reason that ACM Group promotes the meditative practices that reveal just how interconnected we all are. Standard meditative practices eventually transform over time into advanced consciousness practices, but only after the meditator is more keenly attuned to their heart-based consciousness.

What leads you to be aware of the need for advanced conscious meditation as ‘the way’ for humanity?
It begins with the stripping away of all sense of ego as well as anything resembling “I-ness,” and our experience tells us that it is through meditation that we are all able to realize the depth of our existence as just one part of a larger whole, or, as we like to say, “one of the many petals on the mandala of planetary consciousness.”

What is your vision and mission for Advanced Conscious Meditation Group Yoga?
Through meditative practice, yoga, and consciousness expansion, we at ACM Group intend to help society realize the inherent “one-ness” that unites us all as just a small part of the foundation of life. Revealing the true nature of our existence will also make it possible for all to experience the radiance of light in a way few have ever known.

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