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Interview with Reed Gusmus the director of marketing at QASymphony

Reed Gusmus is the director of marketing at QASymphony, where he is responsible for utilizing his exceptional B2B digital marketing expertise to develop marketing plans capable of generating new customer acquisition while also stimulating ample revenue generation. At QASymphony, Reed’s colleagues are consistently inspired by the passion and dynamism he displays in meeting all of the professional responsibilities with which he is charged, thereby resulting in an atmosphere that is especially conducive to productivity. 

Relying on his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and technical expertise, Reed has been a key component driving QASymphony’s impressive growth. The Atlanta-based company specializes in the development of a wide range of QA testing tools as well as JIRA test management platforms specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of software development and testing teams. We have conducted an interview with him.

What kind of marketing plans does your expertise in B2B digital marketing generate?
Each marketing plan has to be designed and precisely tailored according to a number of diverse factors, which may result in plans that include content marketing, social media, SEO, display, or retargeting strategies, along with any number of other strategic options. Ultimately, my expertise in B2B digital marketing has made it possible for me to develop digital marketing plans that generate revenue growth and are measureable, scalable, and repeatable.

Besides passion and dynamism, how do you influence your team and drive growth in your company?
The marketing team at QASymphony has thrived due in part to the emphasis that has been placed on empowering team members and encouraging thoughtful collaboration in carrying out our diverse responsibilities. This has fostered a creative and innovative environment in which the creative and technical skills possessed by my team members are optimized in a way that allows us to achieve company goals.

Which kinds of test management and testing tools does QASymphony specialize in?
Our software testing tools and test management platform is built specifically for companies and software development teams operating at an Agile pace. This includes testing tools capable of enhancing the test case management process and delivering analytics through real-time reporting. Our software testing tools include seamless, real-time integration with JIRA and ALM integrations as well as automation tools.

What are the package differences between 'Cloud' and 'on-premise' options?
In order to meet the diverse needs and preferences of companies of all sizes, QASymphony designed qTest to be implemented as a cloud option for companies who do not want the headache of on premise software installations and management. It is for this reason that the cloud option presents itself as being more scalable and reliable compared to on premise.

What are your key strengths in integrations?
It was absolutely critical for us to create testing tools capable of seamless integration with tools that teams already use and love. In keeping with this mission, our tools are easy to implement and integrate seamlessly with ALMs such as JIRA, Contentious Integration tools and popular automation tools.

JIRA is one of our strongest integrations, especially since this allows testing teams to view requirement and defects in real-time as well as instantly report test run results into JIRA as bug issue types. Our JIRA integrations helps keep Bas and Developers up-to-speed on what test cases are covering JIRA issues. This helps improve collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle.

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