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Interview with Shaun Barratt the founder and director of Salt Recruitment Limited

Shaun Barratt is the founder and director of Salt Recruitment Limited, an HR recruiting company that specializes in digital recruiting and is responsible for a number of key innovations that have allowed it to offer such a comprehensive range of services. In 2003, Mr. Barratt opened Salt’s Auckland, New Zealand, office with the goal of providing highly personalized recruitment services capable of addressing each individual client's unique needs and distinctive challenges. 

 Mr. Barratt’s company now boasts a strong international presence, as Salt Recruitment Limited has enjoyed immense growth over the past 13 years. The company is able to claim offices in New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Sydney, in addition to its original operational base in Auckland, New Zealand. The global success achieved by Salt Recruitment illustrates the potency of Mr. Barratt’s entrepreneurial vision, not to mention his irrepressible enthusiasm and tireless work ethic.

What are your views about retaining talents in today's context?
Talent retention is absolutely critical, so every business should have clear talent retention strategies in place to ensure organizational continuity while reaping the endless rewards generated by a staff made up of empowered and invested professionals. In addition to operational consistency, organizations with effective talent retention strategies in place are more likely to cultivate an enjoyable and productive work environment, thereby creating a reputation that will make it easier to attract new talent in the future should the need arise.

Which key innovations in digital recruiting allow you to offer a comprehensive range of services?
Our continued commitment to innovation is part of what separates us from other recruiters, allowing us to provide uniquely tailored HR and recruitment services. We utilize a wide range of digital tools along with proprietary software designed to assist our team of specialists in providing a truly comprehensive range of digital recruiting services.

Which are the main criteria used in high-tech hiring interviews?
The main criteria used in high-tech hiring interviews tends to differ depending on the organization and its individual priorities, but the old HR adage that emphasizes the importance of hiring people instead of hiring skills holds true even in high-tech interviews. Whenever possible, we also recommend the incorporation of specific digital tools designed to deliver relevant and useful data in the identification of the ideal candidate.

What are your main strategies to address your client's unique needs and distinctive challenges?
We emphasize the importance of a very hands-on approach in which we are able to develop a deep understanding of a client’s unique needs and distinctive challenges. We invest a great deal of time to ensure that we recruit and secure professionals who are both extraordinarily talented and ideally suited to meet the needs of the client. Of course, we also have developed analytical tools to make this process more efficient and effective, as it is simply critical that we use everything at our disposal to ensure our clients have access to consistently exceptional services.

How large is your international presence?
Our international presence has consistently expanded over the years, beginning with our first location in Auckland, New Zealand, which was established in 2003. Since then, our presence has grown to include offices in Dubai, London, New York, and Sydney, along with subsidiary company operations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Even with such a strong international presence, it is still our goal to continually expand our reach on a global scale.

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