Interview with transformational leader Termina Ashton

Termina a global Transformational Leader, Speaker and Author also known as 'The Happy Magnet' has the uncanny ability to tilt the odds so the best will happen resides with her family in Queensland, Australia where she lives a lifestyle of fun, joy and opportunities, and believes in navigating the changing world of experiences. As a mentor, author and Feng Shui exponent, she also has an eclectic mix of qualifications which include design, architectural drafting, medicine and as a life coach. Termina loves to use her imagination and has gained the title ‘Master of Imagination’, she has used her skills to work on many residential and commercial projects, including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs, where her own artwork was exhibited for TV and film. We have conducted an interview with her.

What kind of topics do you speak about?
Self-expansion, Self-help, Universal Laws and the vast possibilities contained within each and every person.

Why did you name your book ''Festival of the Imagination''?
Everything tangible or intangible was first created in the Imagination. Nothing can exist without it first being created in the Imagination. There is an enormous amount of resources that can be tapped into through our Imagination, and this is our greatest tool to bring into our life what we want. Festival of the Imagination is “Time set aside to make visible.”

What is the key message of this book?
Everyone is a GIANT of possibilities and each person has a unique energy signature. By knowing your energy signature, you can bring to fruition life results that make you truly happy and excel in all areas of your life, including wellness, ideal relationships and prosperity.

Who do you consider as an 'unidentified person'?
The unidentified person is someone who experiences hardship in their life, whether it by poor health, financial stress, difficulty in relationships or any aspect in life they feel is unpleasant. Hardship is NOT a natural state. If you are experiencing hardship in any or all areas of your life, then you have not identified your immense capabilities and your unique energy signature.

Why is your book important for them?
As stated previously Hardship is NOT a natural state. Life is a game of individual growth. We must know who we are and what we are capable of to achieve maximum happiness and prosperity in our life experience. Festival of the Imagination is not just a book for all to read, it is a book for “YOU’. Throughout this book is a system to aid in illuminating and activating so that the reader, ‘YOU’ may unlock and begin to radiate your own unique energy signature.

How do you manage to be in design, architectural drafting, medicine and also as a life coach?
I place full focus in any given moment, much like zoning into only one thing with whatever I am doing. There is a lot that can be achieved in any day if we place full focus into the task at hand. And when we observe what others are doing we can learn that they wear many hats in a day. For example: A mother can be the chef, nutritionist, nurse, advisor, counsellor, teacher, cleaner, mystery shopper, hairdresser and more in just one day.

Which do you consider your key strengths to gain the title 'Master of Imagination'?
My endless capacity to think up new concepts, for friends, clients and myself, as well as understanding many aspects on various scales. There are not just two sides to everything, there are multiples of layers.

What are some of your highlighted projects/portfolio?
All that I have done are highlights to me, whether they are perceived as minor or huge results. They all count as achievements in life experience. For this answer though I will give three examples:
My designs for an open-air radio station which stretched my thoughts further because I had to factor in acoustic absorption.

Another is the many I have assisted where the results are; their poor health is now complete wellness, their sadness or lack of self-worth is now happiness and they look forward to future experiences.
The third is being a mother, I have enjoyed this a great deal and breathe in the joy of the wonderful people my children are.

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