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iPOLPO IOS - Global Photo Marketplace

iPOLPO IOS is the only app GLOBAL PHOTO MARKETPLACE that enables anyone to sell their photos like paparazzi or newsphotographers because its NOT based on the connections we have but it takes TIME & LOCATION DATA from the photos and uploads them on a worldmap by TIME! Anyone can browse photos free and Anyone can upload unlimited photos free. Both anonymously. Users can purchase photos they like for the price the photographer sets. We have conducted an interview with the developers.

Especially for events such as road cycling races, gay pride parade, long distance running races, how can users make good use of your app iPolpo? 
IPOLPO App connects the photographer with the person IN the photo anonymously by time and location ….. SO anyone can BE a paparazzi and anyone can HAVE a paparazzi!

Best use practices for photographers is to make a sign **GET YOUR PHOTOS ON iPOLPO** while photoing a race or event! This proved to be VERY successful at cycling road race where a group of hobby photographers planted signs along the course as they photoed the participants! (see photo attached) the cyclists saw the signs and appreciated getting GREAT photos the same day and for a great price.

OR work with a friend- for example tourist boat tours: ONE person can photo on shore, while the SECOND person lets tourists know as they get off the boat about the photos available on iPOLPO. The tourists get great photos while on the boat and the photographer gets money for their photos.
iPOLPO is every photographers PHOTO MERKET PLACE so its up to each how they market and set up their business.

How do you resolve the issues for those people who did not want to appear on your photo marketplace?
There is no issue … the photographer has the right to take a photo in a public place and owns that photo. Its been happening for years… #streetphotography. Fred Herdzog, Diane Arbus and for race photography there is companies for hire like Its perfectly legal!

Unfortunately, before iPOLPO, professional photographers, media and paparazzi photographers have been the only ones to make money from this market BUT with iPOLPO anyone can!

BEST THING ABOUT iPOLPO is that the person IN the photo can find great photos of themselves easily and buy it too! TIME & LOCATION search- everyone knows when and where they have been. Until now, these photos ended up in art books, or galleries or more recently

Please tell us more about the feature called 'Track their path' in your app?
Fantastic question, TRACK YOUR PATH is a totally unique algorithm to iPOLPO, this feature must be activated by the user within the ACCOUNT tab. Once turned ON, the App tracks the path of the user and records the times they were at each location (works like a running training app) THE UNIQUE FEATURE is that iPOLPO will only display photos taken along the users path DURING the time they where there!!

That’s right…with TRACK YOUR PATH FEATURE, iPOLPO displays photos taken at a specific location and time while the user was actually there! This is wonderful while in a race or parade where hundreds of photos and participants would make the process of finding photos overwhelming.

What other inconveniences does your app iPolpo solve for photographers?
iPOLPO is an INSTANT GLOBAL MARKET PLACE FOR EVERYONES PHOTOS … anyone can sell their photos without having to build up a name, or portfolio, or set up a website or advertise or get fancy equipment (we encourage iPhone photos) or have connections in the media. PHOTOS by TIME and LOCATION GLOBALLY. Photographer sets up a free account. Free unlimited uploads of all their photos. Photographer sets the price for each photo. Anyone in the world can buy any photo, unlimited times.

The photo itself becomes important not the photographer… make money based on how good the photo subject matter is. Be at the right place and right time, take a photo and the world will buy it from you.

How did you discover that hashtags can be awkward and cumbersome?
As example released this list of top hashtags for the Rio Olympics 2016:

#lavuelta #grande #arresto #atletas #presidente #rio2016 #zimbabue #humor #memedeportes #wintogether #olympics #olympicchampion #olimpiyatşampiyonu #millitakım #sporbakanlığı #wrestling #uww #güreş #ufc #tekvatantekmillet #zafer #şampiyonluk #tmok #pg #team🌹 #goodluck #ig_riodejaneiro #riodejaneiro #sergioramos #sr4

Get one letter or period wrong and the user is looped into a different conversation … and this is just ONE list for ONE global event does not include the OFFICIALLY approved Olympic Committee hashtags. With iPOLPO search photos by TIME and LOCATION. Simple. Search for specific events or browse to see what is happening around the world. iPOLPO is photos by the people for the people globally.
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