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Its Ashley Only

Ashley is a biracial androgynous singer-songwriter in Austin Tx. She makes an effort to write what she believes in and what others could relate to. She recently finished filming a short music video. We have conducted an interview with Ashley.

What is your belief? What is your fear?
I am spiritual. You can refer to me as an agnostic. I believe in a higher being, whatever that might be. I just refuse to label it. My overall fear is being alone. It's because I come from a big family and thought of nobody close frightens me. I struggled like everyone else to be accepted. I had to endure rejection from family and friends until I found my own happiness getting lost in writing and piano. Later I wasn't trying to impress anyone but focusing on myself.

There I Found true beauty in knowing who I am and accepting my flaws . I know I'm not the only who struggled with this.

Why are you advocating self-love? Why is it important?
It's important to me that I reach those and inform them that there is real beauty in everything you are. 

You must tell:
Stop comparing yourself to another and start loving and empowering yourself!!

How do you intend to strengthen each individual you met?
I intend to present myself as a vulnerable flawed person who exudes confidence while sending out messages that speaks sings about your own personality your own quirkiness is sexy alone. There is no need to wear weaves eyelashes or flash your wallet for a man or woman to find true love or happiness.

What is your new short music video about, in which style do you present your talent/art?
My new music video is short but it's a song about not rushing love but learning ....about each other. I've always had a deep passion for R&B and Folk acoustic music . So I make music that is Groove-able and wine relaxing! I want my listeners both men and women to realize , you are enough!
None of us Have to dye our hair, build muscle or flash money to be accepted. We must find inside us our own worth.

What is your most important goal in life?
I just hope in the end that I reach someone like my younger self and he or she find their worth much earlier than I did.

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