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Today our guest is Karikulturist from Bulgaria. He is unemployed in the eyes of law as he is striving to make Fiverr a full-time job in comic/caricature industry. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you first discover your talent in comic drawing and caricature cartoon drawing?
Caricature drawing has actually been something that intrigued me since I was a little boy. Maybe 5 or 6 years old. Just like every little rascal at that age, I would wake up early on Saturdays just to watch Looney Tunes. But I wasn't just watching, I was questioning them - ''that's not a real rabbit; look at their face; why are their eyes so big; how did someone think of that; how did they draw that''.

So at 8 years old, I made my very own sketch of my first comic - it illustrated ''The Tortoise and the Hare'' fable.

How do you describe your cartoon drawing styles?
- I've been blessed with a unique imagination, causing me to produce some very interesting character designs.

So when I sketch a person:
- their head will usually be a lot bigger than their body
- their nose will look small and fluffy on top, while their cheeks and chin have odd shapes
- their smile is going to be expanded all across the face and that's where I'll have a little fun drawing crooked teeth and of course... a set of eyes, full of emotion and expression

What kind of subjects/themes are you great at drawing?
Aside from what customers order from me, I'll usually illustrate a comic to promote an unpopular opinion, or simply share a story. And the name ''Karikulturist'' actually has a story in it - it's a combination of two bulgarian words - ''karikaturist'' and ''kulturist'' - one meaning ''caricaturist'', and other means ''bodybuilder''.

Why bodybuilder? That's what I was into for a while, and I've even had a Facebook Page named like that to promote weight lifting as a hobby. And the name just stood. I saw myself in it. It was original.

Which are some of your good work experiences as a caricaturist?
First, I'd like to mention Fiverr. A week after joining, I was working with a person who was engaged in Marketing, and he ordered several comics to promote a product. I knew I had to do my best, because my work would be spread across websites, banners and such. With no suprise, he was happy with my work.

Second is my experience with cartoon contests from ''Irancartoon''. I joined 3 or 4 of them, but won none of them sadly... but it didn't matter - I was learning.

And at last, the page ''Karikulturist''.

What has always been your biggest dream?
To make a living out of my art. For now, Fiverr offers a huge amount of help to help me achieve my dream, but not enough to rely on it... at least for now.

Therefore, I'm thinking of bringing Karikulturist back online to raise people's attention, so I can entertain an audience. And once I gain the needed support and funding, I'll create my very first comic, dedicated to two subjects that highly intrigue me: weight lifting and military life, all in one book.

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