Lust Have

Lust Have is a mobile women's fashion application available on iOS. The application allows users to quickly rate and comment on other users outfits in real-time. However, it also allows fashion bloggers to direct users to their blog post regarding a particular piece of clothing. We have conducted an interview with the developers.

How useful is 'Lust Have' mobile app for women's fashion users in real-time?
Users of the Lust Have Fashion app, known as Lust Havers, are able to enjoy the benefits of receiving instant feedback on submitted outfits. This is great for users looking for a second opinion in a pinch. It also allows the community to be far more engaging than traditional forms of communication. In this aspect, think of it as a messaging app for fashion.

As you are with 'No advertising, No venture capital, No outbound sales team', how did you get traffic to your site/app?
We were fortunate enough to have a background in fashion. As such, we have several fashion bloggers and boutiques in our personal network. Asking friends and acquaintances to offer their honest opinion of our initial app version granted us an excellent starting point. Through word of mouth, things were able to snowball a bit. This has provided us with excellent feedback regarding what users find valuable in a mobile fashion app.

What kind of special feature for fashion bloggers?
We noted with our fashion blogger friends, that many of them were interested in allowing users to directly access their individual blog posts. For example: many bloggers post daily or weekly outfit posts, but do not have a simple ability to direct curious users to that exact post via other traditional social media outlets. We allow Lust Havers a one-click option to visit a relevant article if they see something they like. Many fashion bloggers are able to generate revenue for themselves via affiliate links. We are fully compatible with their affiliate links, allowing direct linking from their outfit posts. Unlike other options, we do not charge any percentage for using affiliate links, bloggers are able to capture 100% of their generated revenue. Any fashion blogger interested in this has an opportunity to learn more and sign up directly from our website

Which benefits do shops and boutiques owners get with regards to tagging?
Our boutique owner friends noted that there was not currently a good way to directly purchase their wares via social media. We allow a tagging system that each boutique links directly into their store pages. They are able to tag each sellable item on each of their posts. When users click on that article of clothing, they are taken directly to the boutique’s buy page; no middle man is used.

How does it help users to their purchases?
As the premier mobile fashion app for staying on top of trending styles, users are exposed to many style influencers, boutiques, and designers that they may not normally come across by other means. Users benefit by being exposed to fashion in a fun and engaging way. Bloggers are able to entice new followers that may not have heard of them just yet. Boutiques are able to capture additional sales via a hassle free avenue. Everyone wins.

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