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Dylan Kamm is an actor, writer, director, and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of a startup called ReppedBy, which is designed to help actors, models, and dancers find talent representation in a much faster and more effective way. We have conducted an interview with him.

What are some of the immediate problems with finding talent representation?
There are two ways to find representation right now, one is hardcopy submissions where you mail your headshots into agencies and the other is when you email them to agents. The hardcopy submissions are very expensive and can cost actors and models almost $2 per package and you have no idea how many get opened. With email submissions, it is extremely time-consuming as you have to go to each agencies website and one by one figure out what that agencies submission policy is and continuously repeat that procedure.

How did you help solve these problems?
With ReppedBy you make one single package and with one click of a button, you send to every agent on our platform. Easy, fast and effective.

As a co-founder of ReppedBy, what are your roles and responsibilities?
We have a fantastic team in place at ReppedBy, from our CTO Farshad Nooranian to our newest addition Nick Sabatalo who is now our Chief Marketing Officer. My role is to make sure all departments are communicating with one another properly and that everyday we are working towards our mission, which is to help actors, models, and dancers be able to find representation in a much faster, more efficient, and economical manner.

How can people use ReppedBy?
By creating an account and starting to send packages to agents and managers every month, artist will have a much greater chance of finding talent representation. And without proper talent representation you cannot get auditions for legit film and television work. These auditions are reserved for actors who have talent representation. No actor has access to these job postings and will not be able to submit themselves.

What are the next developmental goals for ReppedBy in the near future?
We are working on a feature that the Talent Managers Association has asked us to build which will allow Talent Managers to submit on behalf of their clients to agents. This is a common thing in the industry right now. A manager will call an agency that is ‘referral only’, meaning they only take packages from managers or industry connections. Our new feature will allow managers to submit using our system to these types of agencies.

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