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Myles Stafford is an adventure novelist who lives in the Oregon rain-forest. His post-apocalypse book series is THE KILLER ANGEL. This is an exciting series about a young woman's survival in a climate somewhat similar to "World War Z" or "28 Days Later". Three books have been published, a 90 minutes screenplay has been written, and the fourth book of the series is nearly complete. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is THE KILLER ANGEL about?
Nicki Redstone, THE KILLER ANGEL, is just NOT like any other modern legend. Confident and calm, but not cocky. Witty and self-effacing. Compassionate, yet deadly. Someone to follow...and believe in. These books contain the "recollections of a legend" - The Killer Angel - in her own words. A thrilling adventure into an all too likely future.

Throughout the first three novels, Nicki reveals her world to us, in full force description: Her terror as civilization collapses; her months of self-guided survival training; the defenseless innocents whom she saves; and the exaggerated rumors of her supposed supernatural abilities that spread uncontrollably, magnifying her reputation as a merciless defender into something beyond human. You will come to love her and her friends, as I have.

What are the most challenging aspects about writing on post-apocalypse?
First, THE KILLER ANGEL novels are written in the first person, which means that the story-teller (Nicki Redstone) must have knowledge of or participate in all action and dialogue - sometimes a very difficult task. Second, keeping the storyline believable, and free of the errors and weaknesses that plague many other post-apocalypse books, television, and movies (such as useable gasoline years after the fall of civilization - gas goes bad folks!)

How does the climate affect the characters in your story?
Excellent question! Nicki and her companions, Brick Charbonneau and Ben, travel mostly on foot and carry few items, mainly weapons and ammunition. They scavenge what they need as they travel. Since they travel light and often sleep on the ground, they have learned to live without the weight that comfort would bring. When traveling through mountains or cold seasons, they simply pick up what they need to survive, and then discard those items when no longer required. The best of everything is there for the taking!

What inspires you to write this 4-book series?
Yes, I am inspired and excited by these stories -- and the characters - and I want them to inspire others; to surpass the boring and oh-so-common bad-ass heroes who are constantly pushed on us today - the characters with all kinds of silly or obnoxious personality traits and weaknesses. How hum-drum boring! On the other hand, Nicki is a hero to cherish - courageous and ever-faithful, as are her wonderful companions.

Which abilities does your main character possess?
Nicki Redstone is quick. Very, very quick. She has exceedingly fast reflexes. Combine that genetic talent with a bright wit, courage and resourcefulness, and the result is a remarkable, engaging person. She loves to quote lines from film characters, often to humorous effect. Following the fall of civilization, and through months of self-training and experience, Nicki becomes a legend, and a person who can give other survivors a real chance in the New Age.

How thrilling and exciting was it to write the screenplay as well?
Another great question! The storyline is exciting, fresh, fast-paced and believable. The characters in this story are unlike any others in popular culture today. They deserve to be seen on the screen, to give viewers the chance to live the adventure alongside these modest paladins. THE KILLER ANGEL will entertain and inspire. Yes, it is indeed tremendously exciting to be a part of this. Success is assured!

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