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Tonight our guest is Charlene Garth, a former model of the Wilhelmina model agency that holds ground in cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, London, and Los Angeles. She currently lives in the conservative state of Louisiana where you have to create your own opportunity if there is not one. She has completed more than two accomplishments listed for next year goals. Her Chars Couture Boutique is over seven years old. They create unique pieces of couture; from jewelry to clothing of quality material. Charlene is also a featured Actress and National Promotional model/B.A. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are your two most successful accomplishments?
My two most successful accomplishments are becoming a mom and starting a small business. I am a mother two beautiful, adorable children. A handsome son and beautiful girl. I became a mom right out of high school and was inspired to keep continuing my education. I always knew that I would be successful, self-motivation is my prize possession. One educational goal always lead to another. I conceived my second child at twenty-one. Each birth inspired something different within me. In 2009 Chars Couture was launched! It went from an online store to a full boutique location in 2010. Chars couture is a family business. My mother has made dolls, tailor made, and couture clothing my whole life. I developed my creative skills through arts & craft classes, my inborn skill only needed shaping for advancement. Customers are top priority! We take pride in our work, with over 50 years of fashion and style we have been consistent in being innovative. I look forward to what the future holds!

How did you leverage on your 15 years of entertainment experience on and behind the scene?
I leveraged my fifteen years of entertainment experience by expanding my education while working internship in the field that I wanted to develop in!

My networking at company meetings and corporate dinners exposed me to the solid network that I needed. I firmly believe that we meet and cross paths with people for a reason. Taking a little time for a small talk can be life changing. It changed mine! Do not be afraid to speak up, and be vulnerable.

Which amongst education, mentorship, and finance management is your top key for success?
My key for success amongst education, mentorship, and finance management is Education. Education is not always free, but if we learn what we need for advancement then education will come freely. What I mean by this is, the resources that we are provided by secondary education will lead to more resources after graduation. Grants along with scholarships helped me getting started, I identified with my available resources early on.

How do you identify an opportunity? What is your background/strengths?
I identify my opportunities by what my current goals are. My vision board is at a constant update, I am never content with what is already there. My daily affirmations are a big part of my journey. My actions are aligned with my thoughts giving full energy to my endeavors. What I affirm manifests when I need them, therefore the opportunity are always there. Strong communication is a natural strength, I love to talk while getting a good understanding!

Communication is key! In my undergraduate years, I received the STAR certificate award! Recognition of being the teacher's assistant, responsible student, and with perfect attendance. Shortly with an internship, I received the CLUB award, certificate of merit for marketing. I had the top sales in my district and state.

Why did you choose to extend your education at CSU? What did you gain from this decision?
I chose to extend my education at Columbia SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY to perfect my skills on a business academic level. Computers and their programs are on a constant update. Keeping up with policies and software development is very demanding in business management. I am an entrepreneur and continuing my education is something I would do for the rest of my life. It doesn't just stop with a PhD or doctorate. I have gained stability, a growing network, and wonderful new friends.

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