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Cosmic Craig

Craig Imig, or "Cosmic Craig", is an artist living in the USA. Currently, he specializes in creating colorful abstract acrylic paintings. Sometimes he includes a creature such as a bird, a fish, or a butterfly in his art. Craig is a member of an art gallery where he has sold many paintings. We have conducted an interview with him.

What kind of paintings do you do?
Currently I do a lot of colorful abstract paintings. Some of them have a psychedelic look, or look like they could be outer space. Once I did paint a bird that looked like a dove, but then put it into an outer space scene. One kind of painting I have been doing for several years is fluid painting, in which you pour paint on your surface and you can tilt or manipulate the surface to make the paint flow around to get interesting looks. I have noticed this kind of art becoming more popular today as it can be fun and hopefully be fun to look at. In general I would say that my paintings are expressionistic rather than realistic. I have been doing some scenes that are ocean sunrise/sunsets that may be perceived as expressing enlightenment. When people experience my art I would like to give then feelings such as of beauty, hope, joy, and mystery.

Why do you call yourself Cosmic Craig?
People have said my abstract art looked like outer space, like galaxies, etc. I have a series of paintings I have called Cosmic Activity. A newer series I have been doing I call Cosmic Windows, which, instead of swirls there are crisscrossing lines and colors. Some of these could be objects for looking at when meditating. Many of my paintings have spiritual/mystical themes, which are perceived differently by different people. They are mysterious, as art and life can be. Besides outer space, “cosmic” can also be the imagined as the dynamics of the human soul and our connection to the Universe, the eternal, the divine, etc.

Why do you keep using acrylic paint?
It dries quickly so I can do more work on a painting in a short time. It is really versatile especially with the stuff you can add to it to make it do different things, like make it thick or thin, glossy or matte, and you can add things that make it have interesting textures. Sometimes I like to use paints that have special effects, such as iridescent or “interference” colors, which are cool because they can appear different colors depending on from which angle you see it. Unfortunately, interference colors can’t be experienced fully without seeing the original painting.

What artists do you like or have influenced you?
In Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night paintings he made the sky with swirls in it. Some of mine have swirls without the landscape. Jackson Pollock is, of course, well-known for his “action paintings”, which involved sort of splattering or throwing paint on the surface he was working on. I have done some that are sort of like that but not exactly. I really like Gerhard Richter. I saw a documentary about him and I liked how he has created an interesting variety of artworks. By some ratings, he is currently the most successful artist in the world.

What kinds of feelings do you have during the process of doing your art?
When I get started on a piece of art I am really excited. Creating art can really be an adventure. I don’t know how it will turn out, especially since I often allow for spontaneity and the belief that ideas will come for the piece I am working on. I could think it’s really good and lots of other people could think it’s really good. Or I could think it is junk and I throw it in the garbage, or I might keep it and eventually I could make it better. It can be frustrating when it doesn’t work out as I had hoped and when it turns out well it can be really joyful, especially when other people really like it. I am sure I am expressing some things that many other artists also feel.

Where do you sell your art?
Noyes Art Gallery in Nebraska


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