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Drive, Discovery

Ryan Hollatz is a 27 years old author from Phoenix, AZ. Ryan is a very imaginative person, easily getting lost in his own head with ideas. He has released his first book "Drive, Discovery" which is a sci-fi fantasy action adventure taking place in a technologically advanced world.

What sort of imaginations do you have about the dialogue within your story?
I picture devastating, emotional dialogue between my characters. Imagining crucial, powerful events and discovering how your characters would talk it out or problem solve around it is one of the most important things to me as a writer who primarily focuses on character development. To see a character start from point A and move all the way to point B, C, etc. is truly incredible. If I can’t personally believe that someone would act in a certain manner, I backtrack and go over it until it feels right.

What kind of special powers are of an enhanced humanoid in your opinion?
For me, an enhanced humanoid is a being in possession of a unique trait unattainable by the average human. For example, jumping over high places, outrunning Olympians by several times their own speed, or demonstrating otherworldly or paranormal-related powers, such as the ability to control the forces around them, use psychic abilities, or invoke a form of magic.

How long did you take for the character building process?
Haha, I’m always working on the character building process. The main character of this story has been in development since I was ten, so for him, it’s taken seventeen years of development. He has gone through innumerable changes since I first conceived him, and I’m proud of the character he’s turned into. As for his ally and a few of the other characters, I only spent the last few years developing them, but being in a more mature and understanding mindset than I was back then, I find I’m just as proud of them.

When and how did you start having interest in the technologically advanced world?
I was again only ten or eleven at the time, but I probably have the Playstation 2 to blame for my interest in a futuristic world if I’m to be quite honest. There were a lot of titles on that system that propelled my interest in such a world such as Zone of the Enders, Xenosaga, and .hack just to name a few. Seeing technology grow and perfect itself over hundreds of years while humans retain their imperfect qualities is poetry to my soul.

Do you have plans to extend the 'Drive, Discovery' story into a series?
It is a series! To anyone who’s read the first book I’m sorry for how I ended it, but I’m going to need some time to finish part two. This is a story I’ve spent the majority of my life contemplating, creating, deleting, and just overall refining. What I have planned cannot be written feasibly within one or two books in the way that I imagine it. It’s going to be a long road, but I hope that people will join me in the journey ahead.

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