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Good Hearts Are The Easiest Broken

Today our guest is Beverly N. Vercher from Gaffney, South Carolina. She is an Author and Motivational Speaker. We have conducted an interview with her about her book, Good Hearts are the Easiest Broken and about her experience traveling and speaking at different events.

Who would you recommend your book "Good Hearts Are The Easiest Broken" to?
I would recommend my book Good Hearts are the Easiest Broken to any that has been hurt before and anyone that needs to be empowered and inspired. Men and women of all ages will enjoy my book.

What are your hopes of success and wishes for this book?
Seeing the story played out on the big screen would be a dream come true and the greatest success story.

Your "Good Hearts Movement' sounds very interesting. What is it about?
I travel a lot as a Motivational Speaker and I call it the Good Hearts Movement because I aim to use my personal testimony to spread hope and inspiration to everyone in attendance. My goal is to travel the world and spread love through my voice and my work.

Which are the most memorable experiences in your life make you think that good hearts are the easiest broken?
I actually have many memorable experiences but basically I've learned that when you have a good heart, you expose it because you love so freely. While exposing it to show love, you're also exposing it to the around you that may wan to simply use it for their own good. Some people just want to receive all of the goodness that you offer once they've gotten all they can, they're done with you.

Where and which events have you been speaking as a motivational speaker? What are your topics?
I've traveled to NY, NJ, GA, NC, SC, and I'm set to travel to NY, GA, PA, NJ, CA, NV, MA, TX, LA, and internationally in 2017. My topics are self Love, dreaming big, pursuing your dreams, trusting God, and believing in yourself.

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