Interview with the Cat

In the Atheisaurus books of Andrew Cahill-Lloyd the Aliens give the animals the ability to speak. Dax The Maine Coon Cat is one of the main character (Lead actor) in the books. We have conducted an interview with Dax.

What is your special power in the Atheisaurus books?
I don't really have any special powers other than the fact that can talk. I very quickly learn how to fly a spaceship. Ptoni the Pteranodon and I accidently steal a Shuttle Pod. Boy, did Zorn the Alien make me pay for that one. ...............Oh and eat chicken nuggets.

What has been the most challenging part of your leading role in your latest movie in the Atheisaurus series?
Learning about Homophobia and Racism was a steep learning curve. I needed to understand the concepts of the books, to be able give my best. Meeting Evie Tobin the French Bulldog was a trial. She is so arrogant, but we sorted it out. She saved my life the day we visited the site of the original Moon landing. Dog V Cat. We sorted it out. Learning how to have fun wih Ptoni, and stirring up Florence the Jersey Cow and Penelope the Adelie Penguin. when we are all so different was also a challenge.

Which were your first words? Why did you say that when you finally could speak?
I made sure they all new who is in charge. I am a Cat after all. Bjorn the Alien is a dog and didn't agree with me, but Zorn the Alien Cat did. LOL

Who understands you the most? 
That would be Ptoni, he's my "partner in crime" LOL

Do you think that by the year 2032, all your fellow cats in the world should have this ability?
We discover that the technology that enables us to speak also enables us to change to colour of our fur. Florence loved this idea and wished Humans could all change the colour of their skin. If humans could be any colour they liked then it wouldn't matter what colour they are. Imagine a world without Racism! My Daddy that wrote these books, wants Older children and Teens to understand that there is a better way. It's time to let the old prejudices go.

In which sense do you think Humanity should not perish (why their existence matters to you)?
As much as I enjoy catching a fat juicy Mouse or a Cockroach, its uses energy. Having my Human slave to provide my every I need is still the preferred option. Besides I can't make Chicken Nuggets. I need humans for that. Chicken Nuggets are Da Bomb!

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