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Interview with fine art travel photographer Peter Aitchison

Today our guest is Peter Aitchison a Fine Art Travel Photographer with 35 years experience. His work covers countries such as India, Cuba, the USA and all over Europe. His favourite locations to work are always city and Urban environments, he is am drawn to people and their environments. He also runs a photography workshop in India twice a year. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been a Fine Art Travel Photographer?
I have been a photographer for 35 years!

What is amazing about teaching and helping keen photographers to develop their skills? What do you do to help these photographers?
I love to take people to exciting places and watch as they discover that their camera isn't complicated I make it easy for them to master and then the only limits are what they see. By being in amazing locations the inspiration is all around, I am only there to steer them in the right direction!

What is so special about the photography workshop that you run?
My methods of teaching are different. Everyone that comes is at a different level with their camera. No boring classroom stuff! We get out there from day one and that means on day one they are shooting great pictures.

What kind of locations do you prefer most to work on your art and creations? Why did you choose them?
Locations for me have to be busy busy busy!! Places like India, Cuba, New York are all so inspirational with the buzz of daily life all around You will never find me shooting landscapes .... but you will find me in the alleyways of an amazing city.

With so many different places from India, Cuba, USA to Europe, which are the three (3) most inspiring places and why?
3 most inspiring places ..... Tough one

Varanasi India
Havana Cuba
New York

I love working in Europe as well but these places especially India really works for me.

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