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Interview with independent artist Peter Jam

Peter Jam (Jambazian), a Lebanese-Armenian independent artist, global rights activist, singer, music composer, motivational speaker, and inspirational world traveler for peace and justice, was born in the midst of the Lebanese civil war in Beirut. He has taken the motto 'Positive message through the power of Music, Art and Speech' to over 40 countries with the goal to inspire and transform. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is the genre of your latest album “Universality” ?
"Universality" is a compilation album that includes different genres and languages with a mix of cultural instruments, and rock is present in most of the songs.

Which 3 songs are your personal favorites?
Well, it is hard for me to pick 3 songs because I put all of my heart and soul in each song I have written, as if it is a part of me, and each song is unique. But If I am forced to choose I can say 'Never let go,' 'Listen to yourself' and 'Zepure ge Tarnam' are some of my favorites. If you want to ask me why, it is because music-wise I long for the sound of rock in the first two songs. Meanwhile, the last one I mentioned is an old Armenian song which I feel deeply, but I arranged it in a special 'Peter Jam' version.

How unique are the projects which you are currently undertaking?
The peacebuilding project 'Peace starts with you and me' #WeAllNeed is unique because it has entertainment and education elements combined and that people can feel and think at the same time. They can then make an act towards peacebuilding or to bring about any positive change, as the motto is 'Imagine, Inspire, Embrace.' Aside from this project, I am working on a spiritual intellectual book and also a new album.

What is your motto? What is your background and why do you want to inspire?
The motto is 'Positive message through the power of Music, Art & Speech.' The question about 'why I want to inspire' is interesting: it is the core of what I have decided to do for years, simply because transformation can only come by inspiration. Change happens in two ways, either by force or by will. If you are inspired, you can transform yourself and your surroundings, not by fear or force, but by unconditional love through understanding.

What do you want to transform? How do you plan to do that?
Again, transformation happens through inspiration, as I use music, art and speech, as well as media (social media, etc). After all, we are creative beings and can use many creative forms or tools to inspire ourselves and each other on a daily basis, and transform to better our selves and a better planet. Thank You.

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