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Interview with photographer Jady Bates

Jady Bates is a burgeoning photographer who will have her second photography exhibition at Soho Photo Gallery between Dec 7-31, 2016. The opening is from 6-8pm at the gallery and all are welcome to attend. Bates's concept series is a series of artful nudes depicting the journey we face in learning to love ourselves. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is the concept of your second photography exhibition series about?
You As Angel is the very important, and sometimes life-long task to learn to love yourself. Once you start to deeply, authentically love yourself, it gets easier. Not only that, your compassion extends outward from yourself. You naturally care more for others, are more patient & at ease with the madness of the world surrounding you. This is truly how to change the world.

How did the visual representations of nudity become such an enduring focus of art?
I think nudity is powerful in some representations of art because it conveys strong emotions in a visual sense. It is always a little shocking to see a nude human & most viewers find compassion for, vulnerability & beauty in artful nudes.

What is your definition of 'Rapprochement'?
In this series, specifically, rapprochement means a way of coming to terms with who you are & the long conflict inside. In many ways, we are all at war with ourselves. In just "approaching" oneself truthfully, as a dear friend, great changes occur in concentric circles outward to our entire world. Rapprochement here, means to sit with oneself after a mighty struggle of conflict & feel true peace; a relief - a joy. I dare you. I dare all of you. Be bold. Be revolutionary. Love yourself.

Where and when can we see this photography exhibition?
Showing: Soho Photo Gallery at 15 White Street, NY, NY Dec. 6-31

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