Interview with singer Romany Saylor

Romany Saylor the new revelation artist in SoundCloud with more than 17 million plays in total in days. The bilingual artist was born in Spain but lives in Birmingham, UK since she was 2 years olf. She is 25 now and sings in English and Spanigh. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is your secret to engaging your audience? How did you achieve 17 million plays in 90 days?
Working hard!

Which genre of music do you enjoy creating?

Because of my voice

How do you describe your voice?
Sweet, simple, but with a lot of heart.

What are the challenges / excitement of you as a bilingual artist in English and Spanish?
I can sing in Spanish, but I'm English

Which are your favorite 3 favorite songs?

I Believe.

Only You
Now I am Free

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