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Justine is a singer and songwriter from the UK. Music was always her passion. She is passionate about musicals, opera. Her voice is classical light lyric soprano but she is singing pop, rock, classical crossovers. We have conducted an interview with her.

Who inspires you the most?
Well, I have a lot of inspirations but the biggest one is Adam Lambert. His voice and vocal technique is amazing. He is also a role model. Showed that no matter about sexuality, gender etc you can reach your goals and chase your dreams. I am inspired by Alisan Porter too. Such a sweetheart and strong woman. It's unbelievable that you can win over your past and go further.

How long have you been a singer and a songwriter?
I am singing since I turned 6. I realized that it's the only one thing that I can do in my life. Share passion and give ppl little bit of joy. Music saved me so many times. Even was I was very down it the only one thing to cheer me up.

Which is the first song you wrote? What is it about?
To be honest I was singing cover songs and wasn't sure before if I could write songs on my own. My two singles Not My Property and I Look At The Sky contain my lyrics. And I should say that it's the first time of proper writing.

When did you realise and discover your musical talents and passion?
I discovered my musical talent and passion for music when I was little girl.

What are your wishes in the classical, pop and rock arenas?
I wish that people could have the chance to know classical music more. And I want to present to them my way of opera and classical music.

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