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Karma Is A Bitch

Tonight our guest is Twenty Two B. He is a singer, songwriter, based in Los Angeles. His album In The Making was released on 12/15/2016 and he also released a video of one of hid single Karma Is A Bitch. We have conducted an interview with him.

Which genre do you think your music belongs to? How would you describe your voice and music?
Pop Rock

Where or who influences you and your music style?
My voice got that soul edge my music is mix of pop rock that fusion of everything.

How do you wish your song 'No More War' to inspire people?
My influence comes from Prince, James Brownm, Michael Jackson and my Mother she was an African folk singer. I wish that the song "No More War" could inspire the all humanity to get along 'stop the hate and the destruction let peace be'. War its just an illusion no one wins we all lose. love is all we need.

What message do you want to deliver via your song lyrics?
My message its so simple Love one another Live in the present moment.

What is featured in your new album, “In The Making” ?
In My new album In The Making 9 original songs written by me and one cover by Bruce Lev from Nashville, and amazing music contribution by David William Melrose recording studio in Los Angeles. Great music video produced by Xochitl Rodrigue Mexican Blonde Production LLC Edited by Karan V Kapoor KVK Studios.

Just want to thanks to GOD and all my fan and family for the support.

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