MoMoWallet - Helps busy MoMs find great offers

Tonight, our guest is Natalie Forood the Founder and CEO of Blaze Mobility, LLC. Her company developed the MoMoWallet app which helps busy MoMs find great offers on products and services they need for their families. They named the app "MoMoWallet" as a play on words. The "MoM" is for the Mom, although anyone can use it. The first 4 letters "MoMo" imply "More Money" in your Wallet and "Mobile Money" Wallet. We have conducted an interview with Natalie about this great new application.

What are the benefits for Moms to use the MoMoWallet app?
We understand how busy Mom's are. Finding great values for their families needs to be easy and convenient. That's why we've designed the MoMoWallet app to easily find and organize all types of deals – online, in store and paper offers. As you find deals you are interested in, save them to your shopping list and they will all be at your fingertips when shopping online or in stores.

Which is the most fascinating feature within the app? How does it work?
One of the biggest sources of email clutter is store and web site email subscriptions. Currently, when you shop online or in stores, merchants ask for your personal email address. This is their primary way of notifying you of special events and promotions. But this is a huge source of email clutter and it is also difficult to sort through the important emails to find promotions when shopping. MoMoWallet has two very unique features to eliminate email clutter and provide all types of deals in one convenient feed.

Our Email Redirect feature allows you to receive all promotions directly into your MoMoWallet deals feed. All the shopper needs to do is provide their MoMoWallet username in place of their email address when signing up for promotional alerts or newsletters online and in stores. Those deals will automatically come into your app deals feed instead of your personal email.

Our Gmail Promotions Import feature, allows you to pull in promotions from your Gmail account directly into your MoMoWallet deals feed so that they are available when you need them instead of having to search your inbox for them.

All of your promotional emails get quickly and neatly organized into one phone app instead of having to shuffle between multiple apps to find savings for your family.

How do you differentiate MomoWallet from a Spam filter app?
A SPAM filter is used when you do not want to receive certain emails. In the case of promotional offers, you actually want them and deliberately signed up to receive them, but they arrive when you might not need them. What many people do is create two separate email addresses – a primary one for personal and import emails and a secondary email address for all of the promotional emails, newsletters, and other non-urgent items. They typically, end up not looking at the secondary email account. As a result, some deals that they might have wanted to take advantage of go unnoticed or expire before they can take advantage of them. The app also provides the content for you based on preferences you define. You simply select categories and stores you would like to see deals from, and the app does the rest!

Which level of personalization is possible for the deal alert feature in this app?
As you add deals to your shopping list, you will be notified when you are near that store and before the deal is due to expire. The deals feed is continuous and is constantly monitoring deals that meet your personalized search settings based on stores and categories you selected.

In which ways does the app tracks the user to know when you are near the stores before sending you reminders?
Being a busy Mom myself, my goal is to always optimize my shopping trips and benefit from the available promotions. I create shopping lists based on stores I plan to shop at and add items I plan to purchase. The app keeps track of what is on my shopping list and which items have a current promotion. When I am near that store, MoMoWallet will notify me and remind me before the deal is due to expire.

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