Our guest today is Rasputina from Scotland. She works in various areas of creative industry, photography, upcycling, poetry, music & lyrics & recently impression art. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is your impression art mostly about? Which are your recent collections?
Impressionism art is a relatively new medium for me to be working in. It began as an offset from my upcycling and I began messing about with spray paints on glass. Unlike the other areas of my creative work, I don't set out to create a specific image. I enjoy simply seeing what image comes to light when I finished the piece.

My recent collections are entitled Love, Lost Kids, Liar's Chair, Corruption and Armageddon. They total around 50 photographic images. The themes themselves are self-explanatory, however, the images have a darker edge than some of the titles suggest. My favorite image if Hem Stigmata from Liar's Chair collection.

Through photography, upcycling, poetry, music & lyrics, which do you think are the most effective ways to express your creativity?
I don't think that there is a definitively effective way for me to express my creativity as one medium can and often does impact on another. I express myself differently through various creative mediums. Writing is, for me, a very solitary work and at times I shut myself off to the world around me. Of course, this can't happen all the time as life experience is essential to the majority of my creative work. Photography & Upcycling can be a more social experience, mixing with the world in general.

What inspires you?
Life. I love people watching, either in my day to day life or through the media. A simple gesture, smile or turn of phrase can lead to an idea. My photography tends to be quite dark and is usually inspired by life events which are either experienced, overheard or twisted from various places. With my poetry, on the other hand, I've seen me write two or three poems (or songs) about one person if they have inspired me enough. Don't worry, I change the names to protect the not so innocent.

What do you include in your books of poems? How long did you take to complete these 2 books (including the photography work)?
I currently have two completed poetry books, Forbidden Fruit and Beyond Empty. Forbidden Fruit is exclusively about women, either loved, lost, hated or out of reach. Beyond Empty is more life driven and covers loss, family, religion and many other themes. Both books contain around thirty poems and each has a photograph which relates to the poem. They were both completed in 2015 and took me about a year to finish them both. I've recently begun a new, as yet untitled, poetry book.

What are your future goals/plans in the creative arena?
My goals are to have an exhibition of my photographic and Upcycling work and have my Poetry books published. As for plans, I'm hoping that collective creative work will take me to a whole new level within the creative world. My photography, writing and Upcycling will never stop as I continue to find new inspiration and ideas for my work every day.

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