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SHPlates steel decor

Tonight our guest is Rich from Pittsburgh, PA, the owner of We have conducted an interview with him.

What do you do?
I create made-to-order steel weight plates and steel decor. The weight plates are great for rucking (military hiking) or general fitness. The steel decor is lighter and designed to be wall-mounted. I make all of these items by hand on Pittsburgh steel, so a lot of love and labor goes into every order.

What motivates you to work on these made-by-hand steel items that benefit charity?
I'd never known I had such a crazy artistic side until I moved to Pittsburgh and started exploring metalcraft as a hobby since it was across the street from my old corporate job at Google. I had an idea, made something, took photos, and everyone wanted one... so I launched the business entirely unintentionally. As for charity, I think everyone should elevate others!

Besides using these steel items as Ruck/Fitness Plates, Steel Wall Art, and Wallball Targes, what are the other uses?
The steel decor is incredibly multifaceted in use- they can be wall decor, retirement or recognition awards, and gifts applicable to absolutely ANYBODY! As low as $20, you won't find something this unique with so much hard work put into it, it's the no-brainer gift for anybody.

How long have you been making these items?
I've been making these items since around June of 2014. It's been quite the adventure!

Where can people place customise order for them?
All orders can be placed on which includes a convenient 'make your own' customizer for all products!

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