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Stink Moves In

Tammi Landry-Gilder is an author, wife, mother, and blogger who lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan, with her husband, two sons, two dogs, one missing frog (now presumed deceased), a bearded dragon, and too many fish in a tank to count. Her new book, "Stink Moves In", is the story of a boy who learns to love a hairy, pesky little rodent that has taken up residence in the boy's home. "Stink Moves In" can be purchased at We have conducted an interview with her.

What is your book: 'Stink Moves In' mainly about?
"Stink Moves In" is a children's book about a boy who learns to love a hairy, smelly, annoying rodent who has taken up residence in his house.

Who do you recommend to read it?
I recommend children read the book. The age range would be from preschool to third grade. The book is unique because it is illustrated only by children. All pictures inside the book were drawn by elementary school students, and even the cover art was drawn by a fifteen-year-old girl.

Who inspired you to write it?
I have two boys, ages twelve and fourteen. They inspired me to write this book.

Do you plan to write a sequel to the book?
I most definitely plan to write a sequel to "Stink Moves In". He has many adventures he'd like to try. I am very excited to have more children involved in illustrating all the "Stink the Mouse" books.

Besides writing, what are your other interests?
I love reading, writing, volunteering, traveling, teaching English, and hanging out with my husband and sons.

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