VU Dream - the Virtual Reality Movement

Mark Metry is a 19-year-old college student who started a Virtual Reality based company that wants to put a VR headset in every household in the world. His company does two things: Educate people about VR and sell headsets online. We have conducted an interview with Mark.

As a 19-year-old entrepreneur, do you consider starting up in the Virtual Reality sector tougher?
I think starting off in that sector will be much tougher but if all goes well there will be a much bigger reward than any other industry today. Honestly, being an entrepreneur will be a tough journey regardless of the sector so why shouldn't I embrace the challenge and push myself to overcome those struggles.

Which are the most challenging aspect as a young founder?
At first, it was a challenge establishing my reputation which I think is hard for any entrepreneur starting out anyway, but there's just an added multiplier when you're 19 years old. After people saw how I composed myself and networks started interviewing me they knew I wasn't just an ordinary college kid doing something for fun (even though it is).

What is VU Dream and what is your vision?
VU Dream is an online Global Education platform and Distributor of VR technology. We do two things; educate people about VR and sell Low-Cost premium Headsets to anyone in the World that wants to get in this field. My vision for VU Dream is to establish the company as an Industry leader that is everything Virtual Reality.

What kind of educational platform do you aspire to be?
We aspire to be the best online resource for everything and anything Virtual Reality. We release daily educational content on our platform that helps everyday people like you and I understand what VR is and how it can benefit their lives. On top of that, we rolled out our new program "Education VR" that helps schools integrate VR technology in classrooms where they deem appropriate.

What makes selling VR headsets online difficult (or challenging)?
Like selling anything online people aren't going to buy from a reputable company. It's like your walking in street and some random guy comes up to you and asks you if you want to buy something from him. If the consumer doesn't know you they won't buy from you. VU Dream has partnered up with several companies and influencers to penetrate the VR community and establish itself as a reliable source for content and technology.

What is your social media strategy/direction and campaign for ensuring sales and growth?
Every day I've been downloading tons of information to my brain. I've been taking online courses, watching videos and doing anything that will help me learn how to become a better founder and company operator. Like I said previously we've been partnering with companies and influencers in the field to establish ourselves as a leader. Daily posts on our social media have been working so far but I'm working on several other things as well. My main focus has been growth and improving our product(s).

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