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1st Art Gallery - Interview with Mike Mitchell

Art is something that we can all appreciate. Mike Mitchell, of course, is not alone in this. Like him, we all love to see art and we all want to bring beauty to the world. Mitchell, however, has dedicated his life to making this happen. He is part of 1st Art Gallery, and it is his goal to make sure that the people of the world can view sensational art pieces no matter where they are. 1st Art Gallery has remade famous art pieces, has helped communities to develop a stronger art community, and has spread art to wherever possible. Mitchell has been a large part of making all of this happen. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you dedicate your life to bring art and its beauty to the world?
It is with great pride that I have dedicated my career to making art increasingly accessible, and I believe that there are several ways in which we can generate greater interest in and support for the beauty that art brings into the world. At 1st Art Gallery, we have long been committed to re-creating some of the finest works of art ever produced, which makes it possible for galleries to have the original works properly restored whenever necessary. The quality of our re-creations is such that many museums and galleries feel more comfortable with the idea of loaning a piece out with greater frequency, thereby ensuring these great masterpieces can be seen by art enthusiasts all over the world.

Which are the famous art pieces being remade to help build a stronger art community?
There are certain works of art that possess a kind of universal appeal and strongly resonate with people all over the world. These masterpieces often inspire talented, up-and-coming artists to pursue incredibly lofty goals, not to mention all of the interest in supporting the arts that is generated within the general public upon seeing one of these great masterworks. Although there are many art pieces that help create a stronger art community, it is often the work of artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Dali, Picasso, and Michelangelo that yield the greatest results in this regard.

How do you give the necessary recognition to artists that they deserve?
In order for artists to receive the recognition they deserve, they are in need of both exposure and support. We try to ensure that artists receive both at 1st Art Gallery, which is why we offer all manner of support to allow artists to refine their talents and sharpen their craft while remaining as free from distraction as possible. As these individuals continue to grow as artists, we do everything within our power to showcase their talents in an appropriate manner. Through these ongoing efforts, artists are able to receive the recognition they so richly deserve.

When did you first begin the founding of '1st Art Gallery'?
It has been quite some time since we first founded 1st Art Gallery, and the founding was the product of many years of thoughtful consideration and analysis. We continue to believe today what we believed at the time of our founding, which is that art is an important foundational element of society and is in need of consistently strong support from the global community in order to continually thrive and move forward.

Why do you think art is important? What is your belief?
I believe that art comes from the very core of our being and is instrumental in the development of thoughtful and productive societies all over the world. Interactions with art -- whether it is in viewing, creating, or discussing a piece of art -- enrich individuals and communities in an unparalleled manner, and I believe that everyone benefits from a strong, global art community.

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