An Interview With Robert Hawkins, CEO of Remodel STL About St Louis Historical Construction

Robert Hawkins is the CEO of Remodel STL. They reclaim destroyed and ruined buildings in St Louis MO, making them viable living spaces again! We have conducted an interview with him.

Which remodeling, construction or renovation building project in St Louis MO has been your personal favorite? What was most challenging for you?
Our most recent reclamation was the properties located at 2840 Lemp in Saint Louis MO. Benton Park is a hot emerging neighborhood and the proximity to Anheuser Busch Brewery made it a passionate project of Remodel STL St Louis Construction. The build was littered with dangerous illegal construction, poorly maintained historic elements, a previous owner with questionable government relations, and when we opened it up discovered extensive fire damage that was covered up. The 130-year-old building is healthy again and on it’s way to being beautiful living spaces for happy families in St Louis & an impressive design achievement for Benton Park.

What kind of satisfaction do you get from renovating ruined building and making them viable living spaces again?
When you do things like restoring an old building or manage a historic property, you become a part of that location, its history, the neighborhood, the people and the essence of everything all that represents. Creating viable living spaces is noble, and turning a profit is intelligent, but these buildings are monoliths to their creators & inhabits. To preserve that history in St Louis, my hometown, makes it truly an honor & pleasure.

How long did you take to complete your last construction project?
Depending on the building, the property and what we plan to do with it, the typical Remodel STL construction project can range from a few weeks to a challenging year's long process in design, dealing with governmental entities, material sourcing (Including creating many authentic trims & decor) & construction implementation. Issues can range from theft to profound interpersonal problems with crews & contractors. Cest' La Vie.

What differentiates Remodel STL as St Louis' premiere construction company?
When we began in this business as a company, I operated out of the trunk of my car. Since then we have expanded to occupy a large warehouse in Soulard St Louis MO, employ a talented office team of marketers, admins, accountants, HR, wield a great multi-crew construction workforce with Master Craftsmen and talented employees. Our supply chain has exceeded our hopes sourcing exceptional products at efficient overhead, delivering to our clients & investors fantastic quality including a large selection. Remodel STL's Team makes all the difference.

Where in St Louis is your 'dream' development location?
We would love to continue to develop large-scale Downtown St Louis warehouse loft conversions of the old factory buildings. They are gritty, real, dirty and have real challenges on a scale of industrial construction. There's allot of room for expression, design experimentation, working out new concepts and modernizing ancient relics of business in St Louis. We want to continue to renovate & remodel the historic buildings in Northern St Louis saving them from more aggressive developers who only want to demolish and rebuild new properties. Bringing back the soul & solidarity will always be our mission here in St Louis.

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