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What do these popular and beloved American television programs have in common: The Office, Homeland, Survivor, The Voice, All in the Family, and American Idol; besides their status as award-winning massive ratings earners? These and many others are examples of TV productions which originated in countries outside the US that became some of the most beloved in America. The ubiquity of streaming services has made it easier than ever before to access exceptional programming from other parts of the world. The Swiss series Anomalia is the type of dark and gripping storytelling so popular with much of the viewing public these days. This RTS [Radio Television Suisse] co-production with an independent TV company features award-winning actress Natacha Régnier in the starring role of Valerie, a woman wedged between science and the paranormal. Awards from the Solothurn Film festival and others have expanded the acclaim of Anomalia, propelling it from primetime domestic fame to international reach.

Neuro-surgeon Valérie Rossier has relocated to Geneva with her son Lucas after separating from her husband. Her new position at a prestigious clinic offers her a fresh start during a stressful time in her life. What she is unaware of is that the past of her family will soon complicate her life. She begins to experience visions of previous events in her patients’ lives. As a woman of science and facts, she finds this highly disconcerting. At the same time, Lucas becomes interested in the idea of witches and claims to have interactions with a veiled woman who we find is an ancestor of Valerie’s and was drowned under accusations of witchcraft. In a wonderfully foreboding tone, Anomalia poses the question of how medical science interacts with the unknown.

The unquestionable charm of Anomalia is both the story and its signature look. In terms of aesthetics, DP Darran Bragg spent an extensive amount of time in preproduction to create the perfect look for the show’s visual identity. Because the show frequently includes flashbacks in time, the camera work makes clever use of a series of practical elements in the frame such as a key prop, fire, or water, coordinating the movement of the actors out of one frame and into the next for a seamless and dramatic transition. Camera style and lighting also serve to reinforce the difference in eras, creating clearly defined timelines and avoiding the need for exposition. Regarding the region depicted in the show, Bragg communicates, “When shooting exteriors, we wanted to capture the majesty and starkness of the surrounding mountainous landscape as well as the subtle details of nature, such as light playing in the trees or the drip of melting snow. These images served as quiet moments in each episode that enabled the audience to reflect on the drama and provided a formal repetition across the series.”

Anomalia’s popularity in its primetime slot reinforced the belief that shows concerning the paranormal are evergreen…when told by talented artists like those behind this one. The show was nominated for the New Creators Award at the Mannheim-Heidlberg International Film Festival, and earned a Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show award for Claude Inga Barbey at the 51st Solothurn Film festival.

Author: Kelly King

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