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Behrman Communications

Today our guest is Nancy Behrman, a pioneer in the world of beauty and lifestyle brand publicity. Behrman Communications' philosophy has always been simple: developing strong collaborative and amicable relationships with the media, manufacturers and retailers is at the heart of a successful brand building strategy. We have conducted an interview with Nancy.

How did you become a pioneer in the beauty and lifestyle sector?
When I founded Behrman Communications in 1985, I felt that there was an obvious lack of creativity and innovation going into PR and brand-building campaigns -- largely due to a prevailing corporate mindset that made for dull and unimaginative strategies. I never specifically set out to become a pioneer in the beauty and lifestyle sector; instinct and intuition played a major role in the development of the agency’s unconventional and imaginative approach to public relations and brand building.

What is Behrman Communications' philosophy?
From the moment I began working with my first client -- Kiehl’s Since 1851 -- I recognized the critical need for a simple and straightforward philosophy that would ensure each and every one of our clients achieved the best possible results. Over the course of more than 30 years in this industry, we have always focused on building long-lasting and collaborative relationships with members of the media, as well as retailers and manufacturers. We continue to believe that these strong and longstanding relationships are central to ensuring the success of every brand-building campaign that Behrman Communications takes on.

How do you maintain and develop a strong collaborative and amicable relationship with your partners?
Every strong professional relationship begins with trust, so we work to build a foundation that will foster positive collaboration with all of our partners, including retailers, manufacturers, and media members. Our longstanding history and reputation within the industry makes the initial foundation-building process much easier, thanks to word-of-mouth advocacy, but it is always our goal to create collaborative opportunities that are as mutually beneficial as possible.

Who is your first client? What challenges did you help them overcome?
My first client was Kiehl’s Since 1851, but we view all of our clients more as partners than as clients. It is always difficult to help any brand grow and evolve, even over the course of many years, but we are able to overcome the inevitable challenges along the way, due to our synergistic partnerships and aggressive yet strategic approach.

What are your best strengths in PR and communications?
Behrman Communications’ team members are incredibly talented and hard-working professionals and each one possesses a unique skill set that contributes to the agency’s full-service capabilities. As a result, we are able to specialize in much more than just PR and brand building, as we are also quite well versed in retail distribution, strategic planning, and digital relations and management, just to name a few. That being said, our core strength has always been our ability to identify the ideal approach for constructing and articulating a brand’s story in a way that is both authentic and compelling, and to then express it to the media. With a strong narrative framework in place, the brand’s compelling storytelling inevitably leads to significant interest and attention from the public -- which in turn leads to tremendous success for the brand, along with a healthy and long-lasting collaborative partnership.
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