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Cape Studies language school

Today our guest is ANNAELLE MORE, School Director of Cape Studies. We have conducted an interview with her exploring why Cape Studies is the best option for an English language school in Cape Town and what sets it apart from other schools.

What is so special about Cape Studies and what makes it the best option for students in Cape Town?

To begin with, we are not in an office block but in a beautiful Victorian villa in the residential area of Green Point. All classrooms open up onto a lush garden with a swimming pool to keep students cool on hot summer days. The location of the school is ideal, it is within walking distance to the beaches, the city centre and the V & A Waterfront. Green Point is a quiet and safe neighbourhood with restaurants, shops, and bars all accessible on foot in only a few minutes. The school operates in a relaxed environment, where students instantly feel right at home the moment they set foot on our premises.

We have small classes with a maximum of 8 students per teachers, our lessons are dynamic and progress is visible in a short period of time. We are one of the very few schools that can openly say has great diversity among its students. We go through great length to get students from all around the world to ensure a culture-rich experience and it also forces the students to communicate in English. The school provides all levels of English to our students, which means that the student will never have to attend a mixed-level class.

We are the only school that guarantees a pass for Cambridge examinations like FCE, CAE and CPE. Our staff are friendly professionals who have been chosen, based on their skills to impart knowledge to our students as well as their personalities. This ensures uniformity across the board and reflects the culture of our company.

All our accommodation is within a 5 km radius from the school, which means that students do not have to spend time and money on travelling. Our residence is on the school premises and we have a live-in Caretaker.

50 % of our staff has been working with us for more than 10 years and the school is one of the oldest language schools in Cape Town and over the years we have used our experience to built the ideal language learning environment.

How do you make learning at Cape Studies fun and effortless? What is your philosophy about learning?

Our teachers are experts in the field of language teaching and have years of experience. They are creative and passionate teachers and the students flourish from this enthusiasm. The lessons are dynamic and not based on the older ways of teaching.

The philosophy at Cape Studies is “We recognise that every student is an individual with different needs”. These needs, therefore become the main focus of every lesson and students are encouraged to become active participants of the learning process.

What is one thing you can tell from a teacher who is dedicated and passionate about imparting her knowledge?

A passionate and dedicated teacher will go out of their way to prepare a lesson that is meaningful and beneficial to the student. They have no problem going the extra mile and will invest a lot of time and energy to see to the success of their students.

How do you describe the atmosphere of Cape Studies? What do you like most about it?

Vibrant, homely, relaxed and friendly.
It was exactly 10 years ago that I first set foot at Cape Studies, I was meeting with the Director of Studies at the time for a potential teaching position. The very moment I walked through these doors, I knew that this was the place where I wanted to work and grow. This is my home away from home!

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