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Cheer and Cherry

Today our guest is Elena. She is an artist, digital designer, and Etsy shop owner. She studied art and art history, specialised in watercolor painting and digital design. We have conducted an interview with her.

How much do you think your background studies in art and art history helps you in digital design business today? 

I truly enjoyed studying in art school. It was a unique and enriching experience. Art studies provided me with important skills in painting, drawing, illustration, and design. Thanks to my art classes, I now have more tools and techniques to use in my paintings and design prints. Art history lessons opened me up to a variety of art trends and painting styles. I am inspired by a variety of artists - especially watercolor painters. Studying art gave me a wider perspective and an analytical and coherent view of my art process.

What's in anything to do with color and creativity that impress you the most?

My art process is influenced by natural bright colors. I really love vivid, live colors and I use them in all my artwork – paintings, prints, and designs. When designing wall art for a nursery, kid's room, or home décor, I love to use warm, bright colors to create a happy, homey atmosphere of joy.

Which themes other than nature are you inspired by?

My watercolor paintings and printables are inspired by nature. I particularly love painting flowers and landscapes. Recently, I started to incorporate typography and handwriting into my printables and digital prints. I am inspired by talented calligraphers and handwriting artists. I am also inspired by the holiday atmosphere and this is reflected in my designing and prints.

What kind of orders do you take for the weddings and inspirational quotes? Please show us a few examples of your best selling works.

I make custom orders and personalized prints and printables for special occasions, such as weddings, engagements, baby showers, birthday parties, and holidays. I love to use inspirational quotes for custom printables and wall art prints. Here are few examples of my best selling works. 

How affordable are your art and what kind of unique value do you render for your art?

Since I design and sell digital art, my printables and digital files are very affordable. Regardless of the significant time and effort, I invest in the creative process and designing of my art work, all my designs are very inexpensive and perfect for those on a budget. I think everyone is entitled to enjoy art, beauty, and quality designs at reasonable prices.

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