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Today our guest is Brandon Sanders from the Bay Area in California. He is a small Business owner of a company called DrawnByB. We have conducted an interview with him about his business model which is bringing illustrations to clothes and phone cases.

What kind of illustrations do you create?

I created an anime type of drawings with my own flavor. I try to make them sketchy and occasionally give them clean lines.

What is your business model based on? What is your unique selling proposition?

My model is to bring unique and appealing illustrations to phone cases and clothes. I can always think of when I buy phone cases and clothes in the past and present I find myself looking for these particular types of items.

Why did you choose to focus on clothes and phone cases?

I love phones and I love having a new phone case. I am currently using my 1 +1 case and switch with my Bubblegum case. I am also very addicted to graphic tees. Have custom graphic tees is a dream come true. Adding my own personal touch to each design is exactly what I want.

Who do you want to reach out to?

Those who constantly buy phone cases to keep their phones fresh and lovers of graphic tees are the people I am trying to reach.

Which is your best selling item?

Our best selling item is our Floral iPhone case which is currently selling for only $10.

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