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Tonight our guest is Anna Dalaire from Vancouver BC Canada. She has worked as a consultant for junior mining and exploration companies for over 10 years now. She started FIT & Flirty a few year ago ( as a way to build a small business around her true passion; which is fitness & fashion. Her online fun fitness fashion boutique offers affordable athletic wear. We have conducted an interview with her.

How do you cope with the contrast in working for mining and exploration companies versus your fitness and fashion business?
I created FIT & Flirty as a creative outlet for my love for fashion and my passion for fitness and inspiring people to lead a healthy & balance life. My experience working with Junior Mining Companies for over 12 years taught me to work at a very fast pace, never assume you know the answer, think outside the box and always be ready for a change!!! Many of the skills that I’ve acquired were transferable to the launch and constantly development FIT & Flirty: Stakeholder/client relations, corporate communication, marketing & social media development and implementation, operations and much more. The day to day corporate life mixed in with the “good vibes” of the fitness & fashion industry offers a great balance for me!

Why did you choose the name 'FIT and Flirty'?
The name FIT & Flirty definitely reflects who I am; health and fitness have been a priority in my life for over 12 years. I approach it as I do all aspects of my life: I do my best, find ways to make it fun and no matter the situation always look for the good.

Which form of fashion do your brands represent?
FIT & Flirty has assembled affordable fun fitness fashion brands for women. The styles range from “zen-like” yoga wear, sexy forward fitness apparel and lots of fun inspiring and motivation workout clothes. No matter your favorite physical activity, we have something for you. In the e-store you can “Shop By Activity”: Run, Yoga, Cross Fit, Barre/Dance, Spin, Kickboxing

Who do you want to reach?
FIT & Flirty wants to reach all women who like fun fitness fashion, and who possess a passion for life and fitness! Whether you’re looking for a community to motivate you on a new fitness journey or you’re a fitness fanatic who lives her life with positivity, excitement and loves to inspire other, we want to know you!

What inspires you the most in life?
I’m inspired by so many things: travel, learning about other people’s success stories, mediation, books, music, pushing myself physically and the beauty that is around us every day. My creativity is usually fueled in moments of silence or dreams. Once an idea or vision presents itself I’m motivated by the *process* of creating something out of nothing. I also embrace the freedom to change courses along the way, knowing each and every choice will lead me in the right direction. I don’t believe in mistakes, if you’re learning and growing you are on the right path; therefore letting go of an “absolute” outcome allows me to be more open to opportunities the universe brings forth.

Why do you think living actively and fun is important?
I’m sure you’ve already been told exercise helps keep off extra pounds and highly reduces the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. What you may not realize is that regular activity improves our overall quality of life! I started working out about 12 years ago and the more I worked out the more energetic I felt, the more energy I had, the more positive and happy I became. Breaking physical boundaries I didn’t ever think possible gave me an inner strength I never knew I could have. My fitness journey has empowered me. FIT & Flirty is an extension of this empowerment. Join me in celebrating your own success. Every woman deserves to feel Fierce & Fabulous!

Which is the up and coming campaign, and what do participants stand to win?
FIT & Flirty is currently current running the 2017 #FitnessGoals Selfie Contest. WIN $75.00 to shop in store at Full contest rules visit;

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