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Interview with Australian blogger Kim Dao

Today our guest is Kim Dao an Australian blogger and YouTuber. She is just an ordinary girl who absolutely loves makeup, fashion, and traveling! We have conducted an interview with her.

How did you first get started on becoming a YouTuber? What kind of initial challenges have you encountered and how did you overcome them?
It was really at the behest of my readership -- along with a number of my friends and family members -- that I created a YouTube Channel of my own. My blog, which itself was an unexpected success, featured quite a few topics that were of interest to a wider audience than I ever realized. Several of these topics, however, are just better suited for a video-centric medium, so I began looking into the type of equipment I would need to produce videos for a YouTube channel. Even though I was somewhat familiar with video production, mastering every facet of the production process was a challenge that required a great deal of research as well as plenty of trial and error.

What kind of topics do you like to vlog or blog about?
Although I try not to place limits or restrictions on the content of my videos or blog posts, I mainly focus on topics relating to fashion, makeup, and travel. Since these subjects are so closely related to various aspects of my everyday life, I am able to weave in unique personal experiences that really set my vlog and blog content apart from all the rest.

Which 3 travel destinations (other than South Korea, Japan or Hong Kong) would you recommend for devoted followers of fashion?
There are so many great travel destinations I could recommend, but the three that stand out most in my mind are as follows:

1. Milan
2. Paris
3. London

New York, Los Angeles, and Rome are also deserving of consideration from the fashion-conscious traveler, and, in my opinion, the Ivory Coast is one of the most overlooked and underrated of all the fashion-forward locales.

Which brands have you worked with? Which other brands would you wish you could work with in the near future?
I am immensely grateful for all of the opportunities that have opened up since becoming a YouTuber and moving to Japan, and it is a source of great pride that I have been asked to partner with so many outstanding brands, including Schwarzkopf, Liz Lisa, Amore Pacific, Shu Uemura, and Etude House, just to name a few. As for future opportunities, I am always open to considering any new partnership and look forward to working with new, up-and-coming brands as well as the most successful and established brands in the world.

What are your experiences like when you were featured on the news media?
These experiences have all been quite a bit of fun, and I often find myself intrigued by the minutia of each outlet’s unique video production methods. Since I spend so much time in front of the camera as a YouTuber, I always feel very much at ease and simply try to enjoy every aspect of the experience.

Which is your top favourite (engaging) video you have ever uploaded?
I’ve uploaded hundreds of videos and have hundreds of thousands of followers, so there have been quite a few videos that have produced impressive engagement numbers. Although I do value data analytics, I also like to evaluate the success of each video according to other, less quantifiable considerations. This is part of the reason I so deeply enjoy my frequent and ongoing social media interactions, as these conversations offer unique insight into whether my videos are truly resonating with my followers on a more meaningful level.

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