Interview with author Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon a Jamaican who is interested in encouraging children to start working towards having a bright future with special books. Denise is currently an author and a Fiverr seller. Her buyers order e-books, lyrics for songs and jingles, personalized poems, articles, slogans, ads and she does online advertising. She raises funds for the publishing cost of the children's books. We have conducted an interview with her.

When did you discover your ability to write with rhymes?

I discovered my ability to rhyme after I did the writing course at the University and decided to join a writing community online.

How did you make your writing go in-line with your target audience who are mainly children?

Writing in simple language and writing with rhymes is not hard for me to do, I got training for this at the University as well.

What has been the most challenging in publishing your first book?

Raising funds for the publishing cost of my first book "Fun in Jamaica - Ocho Rios" was difficult, as I was not a Fiverr seller at the time. However, after it was placed on Amazon by the publishers. Parents have been supporting my project as they have been buying e-books and ordering Fiverr gigs on my site. The stories I write are a mixture of fun and interesting facts and I sell poetry books also.

What is your special dream about all children one day? How did this dream motivate you on a daily basis?

I dream that children will appreciate the beauty of nature and decide to do all they can to protect the environment. This dream motivates me daily, as I hear about the plastic waste found in the oceans and the terrible air quality because of deforestation. I believe adults were not told about protecting the environment early enough and this has led to the devastation we are now experiencing.

Which are some of the important activities you write about that are meant for these children?

I have written about children enjoying the simple pleasures of life with their parents as they relax on beaches, go swimming, build sand castles,, go rafting on the river, eat fruits and a lot more fun activities. I have also written books about tree planting and recycling in a charming way, with colorful little characters that the children will love.

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