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Interview with DJ and producer Quique Serra

Quique Serra is a DJ and producer who leads his life dedicated to music. His passion sounds like music and he loves to convey what he feels through his live and his songs. We have conducted an interview with him.

What do you dedicate your life to?

I'm DJ and producer, it's my job and it's my lifestyle

What is your passion?

Since I was a kid the music was my passion, the music has brought to me all the best moments of my life

How do you convey what you feel?

When I play my set, people transmit to me their energy and feelings, this energy makes me feel good and I always change my initial plan as I see their faces.

What do you mean by 'loving people had a good time'?

When I'm mixing I see the people smiling, dancing, jumping and I infect myself with those feelings, these are great times

As a DJ and producer, which is/are your favourite genre(s) of music?

Usually, I play EDM, House music and Future House; but I love all electronic music, Funky music, Rock, Soul and R&B. I try these genres appear in my sets.

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