Interview with rehab and personal training professional Partha Mazumder

Today our guest is Maz (Partha Mazumder),a fitness professional based in Bangkok. In March, 2017, he will be launching his fitness studio, in Bangkok offering premium Rehab and Personal training services along with Group Classes. We have conducted an interview with him.

Why is rehabilitation an important process (just as treatment, following an injury/ trauma/ surgery) but unfortunately overlooked by most people?

Rehabilitation (physiotherapy, post rehab training etc.) vital for recovery, healing and pain management from any injury, ongoing or chronic pain or condition. Most people or patients are not aware of the importance of the process and people who know don’t have enough knowledge to rehabilitate themselves. Many cases people suffer from some injury that they may have suffered in the past and they think they can handle it or fix it without help. However, in case of each and every injury one needs to go through proper diagnosis and treatment plan ensuring the safety of the patient and avoiding the risk of re-injury. This is where a physiotherapist or rehabilitation specialist comes in handy, and they can provide the patient with a tailored rehabilitation plan suitable with patients need, lifestyle and day to day activity.

How do you help this group of people understand this myth or misconception?

The only way we can make people understand the importance of rehabilitation is by education. Constantly creating awareness among people though blogs, articles, workshops for people to attend etc.

What kind of certification do your trainers possess?

Out trainers have trainers certificate accredited by international organizations like ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ACE (American Council on Exercise).

What kind of fitness goals are the most sought after nowadays?

There’s a recent surge in people who wants to get stronger and lean, there are many who want to lose weight or fat, there are more and more people who want to get ready for marathon/ half marathon etc. People are more aware of fitness nowadays than they used to five years back when people just wanted to lose weight.

How do you ensure that your fitness facility matches up to expectation? What metrics do you use to gauge success?

With qualified trainers with experience and equipped with essential training tools from free weights to functional training equipment, guided by qualified physiotherapists to cater to rehab clients and the general population. There are many facilities which are full of expensive machines and equipment but when it comes to skills and quality of training, they are not up to the mark. I am providing quality training, teaching and learning from those who are best in the industry.

In our industry, success if measured by happy and satisfied clients, that is my opinion. However, I am implementing client assessment and training guidelines which are designed and set by organizations like ACSM, NASM and my trainers are very capable to asses and deliver accordingly.

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